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Alfa Romeo: 2027 Part E.

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After a good receptionAlfa Romeo Tonalewhich helped increase volumes in Europe, Biscione is preparing for this to grow Also in other markets. The goal is to reach 40% of the brand’s global sales outside Europe by 2030, compared to 18% in 2021. To reach this target, Alfa Romeo is preparing to enter the so-called Part Elarger cars (around 4.8 to 5 meters) where higher profits are made.

Alfa Romeo CEO Jean-Philippe Imbrato, in an interview Auto News On the occasion of the launch of the Tonale in the United States, he confirmed that the company, to expand in this market, is developing an all-new electric vehicle in the E-class designed on Great STLA platformwhich is expected to arrive in 2027. However, the manager did not specify the type of body, but said that it would not necessarily be a crossover or SUV. In any case, the CEO confirmed that the aerodynamic factor will be key, thus paving the way for a sedan (in the photo above made by Motor. es). body type and the design It will be determined within the next year. So it’s not certain it will be a larger electric SUV than the BMW iX’s rival Stelvio.

Alfa Romeo aims to become a brand that sells Exclusively electric cars By 2027. The first battery-powered car will arrive 2024 And there will be small crossover (B-suv) built in Poland and derived from the Jeep Avenger. In the 2025 On the other hand, the first dedicated electric car is planned according to the specification STLA platform From the Stellantis collection currently under development.

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Learn to specify that electric models will make Sports is their strength. That means an 800-volt platform, with recharge times of up to 18 minutes, and powers between 350 and 800 horsepower. For the Quadrifoglio variants, it can reach a maximum power of around 1,000 hp.

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