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Alessandria Women’s Football with women on March 12, 2023

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Alexandria – on the occasion march womanL’Alexandria women’s soccer He decided to stage an event in conjunction with the championship game vs Novaes women’s soccer. this Sunday at 2 pm, In the “Ex Casermette” sports stadium at Viale Falcone 43, the event will be presented “ACF Alessandria with women for women‘, an idea of ​​the press office of the company he represents Andrew Amato And by the president Maria Grazia Spani. The event will be in collaboration withCommercianti del Cristo Association, Municipality of Alessandria, Eleonora photo studio and PhotoAgency by Andrea Amato.

Shortly before kick-off, the derby match between Alessandria and Novezzi will take place View some of the organizations in the area She is involved in helping all women who struggle every day against illness or against life as victims of violence and its aftermath. The president of Acf Alessandria will intervene, Maria Grazia Spania woman disease-fighting icon and a great inspiring spirit.

On the occasion of the event, it will be the entrance to attend the meeting Free for all women and girls, also including small refreshments prepared by the company. The organizations involved will be different: Dee, Zonta, Fedaba, Sir for which a moment will be allotted for its presentation, after which it will be presented with floral appreciation by the host company.

“I am very proud to be able to share with our community and attendees the commitment of these organizations to providing ongoing assistance to women in difficulty.”confirmed Andrew AmatoUnfortunately, we are all aware of the number of women who suffer violence or fight a bad vibe, we are here today to tell them that they will never be alone. As a man I strongly condemn all forms of violence, as a man I work in the field of women’s rights and as a man I will fight alongside them side by side to make Italian culture as equal and equal as possible.

“I am pleased and honored to be able to host on our premises those who concretely help women” words Maria Grazia SpaniWe are a women’s society, and therefore we must be the first to convey messages of this kind, the importance of making known these associations, and above all to make all women feel united. Andrea introduced me to the event with the idea of ​​having the federations involved for several days during the Women’s March, but that was the only home game on the calendar, so we decided to put everything into one day of great celebration and happiness. I thank him and everyone for their commitment to help me move this club forward. Our goals are ambitious and we need everyone’s support, from those who bring their daughters to the fans but also from those who don’t know us.”

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