Home science Skin’s lipid cells could become your new ally against acne: Science says so

Skin’s lipid cells could become your new ally against acne: Science says so

Skin’s lipid cells could become your new ally against acne: Science says so

When acne arises, multifunctional connective tissue cells called fibroblasts are able to produce a specific antimicrobial substance that is able to effectively counteract the infection by suppressing the bacteria behind the development of the pathology.

the Secret against theyoung love It could be hiding under your eyes. Or rather: in yours leather.

I am talking about fibrousmultifunctional cells Connective tissue which seems to have decisive role In the development as well as in the treatment of one skin diseases most popular among teens.

You probably know that acne arises from inflammation Hair folliclesusually because bacteria sayings Cutibacterium acneswhich is favored by external factors such as aFaulty power supplyAnd the anxietyAnd the Stress And the Rare cleanliness.

If you’ve experienced it — or if someone close to you has developed it — you also know that it can escalate and leave you on your face. surgeon Designs that can influence Social life.

Acne still does not have a real and definitive cureUniversity of California San Diego I tried to understand more about it biology Analyze the role of fibroblasts in particular.

This is because they notice it in bacteria Cutibacterium acnes It enters the body and infects the hair follicle from which acne arises, and then the surrounding skin undergoes what is called “Reactive grease formation”A process by which fibroblasts transform into fat-producing cells cathelicidin.

It is located at about a Antimicrobial material which has proven its ability to do so enumerate It effectively removes infection by suppressing the bacteria behind acne.

The team of scientists confirmed their hunch in a study published in the journal Translational Medicine Sciences. Take biopsies of the skin 6 patients With acne and below skin treatments And the pharmacological, revealing the presence of fibroblasts and cathelicidins. the answer immune response Translated, in short, I started.

Thus the fibroblasts will be destined to become new Objectives of acne treatments. The American experience, in fact, has already shown this retinoida class of chemicals already known to be derived from Vitamin Awould enhance the production of cathelicidin by fibroblasts.

However, perspective is the ability to evolve New treatments and targeting fibroblasts to stimulate the ability to mount an antimicrobial immune response to acne vulgaris.

Source | “Production of antimicrobials by dermal fat cells around the follicles is essential for the pathophysiology of acne vulgaris” Published February 16, 2022 in the journal Translational Medicine Sciences

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