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Al-Qaeda leader hit in drone attack –

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CIA Operation in Afghanistan: $25 Million US State Department Grant Pending to Al-Zawahiri

The United States was killed in Afghanistan over the weekend al Qaeda leaderAyman al-Zawahiri. This was reported by Bloomberg News, citing the Associated Press. According to the sources, the operation was carried out by the CIA in Kabul. At 7.30 p.m. Washington time (1.30 a.m. Tuesday in Italy) President Joe Biden will report to the nation.

In a video last May, the al-Qaeda leader had his speech on the conflict in Ukraine. According to the Egyptian doctor, who in May 2011 took over the legacy of Osama bin Laden, it was the weakness of the United States that made the war possible, which made Kyiv the prey of Russia. Al-Zawahiri’s message was spread through a recorded video to commemorate the killing of his predecessor and founder of the group.

The American attack could have been carried out with drones in Kabul. We strongly condemn the attack, which is a clear violation of international principles and the Doha Agreement. The Taliban said in a statement that these actions run counter to the interests of the United States, Afghanistan and the region.
Considered one of the masterminds of the September 11 attacks, he took over the terrorist organization in 2011 after the killing of Osama bin Laden, who had been his right-hand man for years. A reward of $25 million is pending on him

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