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If you want to make your dreams come true, the first thing you have to do is wake up.

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You can have anything you want if you are willing to give up everything you have. – ​​the international foreign press agency

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rome \aise\ – We succeeded A third of our lives are asleepA night’s rest is essential, as it guarantees our physical and mental well-being. To better understand its functions, but also the disorders that often characterize it, thePress office of the National Research Council I decided to devoteScience calendar from this month – Online From today – to sleep and dreams, deepening these two realities with the support of researchers from Cnr.
In the to focus Joseph Salad From the Institute of Translational Pharmacology (IFT) talks about obstructive sleep apnea and Michel Mattiolidirector of the Institute of Neurosciences, explains the importance of a night’s rest for our brain health. Marco Lorino From the Institute of Clinical Physiology instead recalls the SmartBed project, a “smart” mattress thanks to which the physiological and environmental parameters of sleep are monitored and analyzed. Frances Dinot Than Ift instead outlines the risks associated with the use of sleeping pills.
Marica Dello Russo From the Institute of Nutritional Sciences provides recommendations on foods for a good night’s sleep Health on the table. in Sensence and “Science in the Landscape” with two Ift researchers talking about several films on the subject: respectively, “The Machinist” from 2004 by Brad Anderson, with Anna Lo Bue, and “Ipersonnia”, in theaters these days, with Adriana Salvaggio.
remains in focus Alberto Salvati From Ict Office gives readers a special testimonial, telling them how people sleep in Antarctica, where day and night last for months. Christina Maras From the Institute for European Intellectual Lexicon and History of Ideas focuses instead on metaphors associated with sleep.
On the other hand, the speeches he delivered Elsa Addisi From the Institute of Cognitive Sciences and Technologies, in the dream stage in the rest of the animals, and animals Fabio TrincardiDirector of the Division of Earth System Sciences and Environmental Technologies, H Antonio Tintori From the Institute for Research on Population and Social Policy, on the relationship between dreams, desires and real goals in environmental, social and work matters.
Thread back to face to facewhere the French writer Daniel Benac talks about the program “From a Dream to a Scene” based on his novel, in which he talks about the world of his dreams. reviews Finally, on the topic with the volumes “A Window to Nothing” (Adelphi), “Determinism and Free Will” (Carbonio editore), “The Three Brothers Who Never Sleep” (Il Saggiatore), “The Physics of Climate Change” (Raphael Cortina). (aise)

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