Home Top News Air Canada orders 15 additional A-220s

Air Canada orders 15 additional A-220s

Air Canada orders 15 additional A-220s

Air Canada has confirmed an order for 15 additional A-220/300 aircraft, bringing the Canadian flag carrier’s total firm orders to an initial 45 to 60 aircraft. The air carrier has been operating the A-220 since January 2020, with more than 30 units currently in service on transcontinental routes in Canada, the United States and Latin America.

The airline operates more than 125 Airbuses, including 78 of the A-320 family, 16 of the A-330 family, A-220/300 and 31 A-220/300, and has a direct order for 10 A-321 XLRs. The carrier, which took delivery of its first A-220/300 in December 2019, was the first to operate the model in North America. Born from an entirely new concept, the A-220 is an aircraft designed for the 100-150 seat market, incorporating design features, sophisticated aerodynamics and latest generation Pratt & Whitney GTF engines.

To date, more than 220 units have been delivered to 16 carriers operating on four continents and connecting more than 70 million people worldwide. The fleet currently operates over 800 routes connecting passengers to 325 destinations worldwide on both regional and long-haul routes.

By the end of September 2022, more than 25 customers have ordered more than 770 aircraft, confirming its strong position in the small single-aisle aircraft market.

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