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Agreements with Canada, Japan and India after Aukus. UK agenda

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Foreign Minister Lis Truss announces his intention to sign new security agreements excluding France. Betting on Britain and its political future worldwide

To combat the influence of “malicious actors and dictatorial regimes” such as China and Russia, the UK must sign new defense agreements with democracies that “want freedom”. Word of Liz Dres by Al Times His first interview within three weeks of taking office as government foreign minister Boris Johnson.

With Restoration Johnson ordered in mid-September that Truss took over from the Foreign Office Dominic Rob, Fell under enemy fire to manage the Afghan crisis and was brought to justice by his friend the Prime Minister. As stated on In the days of the Restructuring, Truss coordinated the work for the first post-Brexit free trade agreement, which was an agreement with Japan, from the Department of International Trade. “Global Britain has only just begun,” he wrote Twitter We celebrate that “historic moment”.

His statements Times They are very determined and willing to press the acceleration of the global UK: “We want to work with our friends and allies to create greater economic and security agreements,” he said. The agreement with Australia and the United Kingdom, which has angered France, is “particularly concerned with the protection of trade routes and shipping lanes with Australia, but I would like to see agreements with India, Japan and Canada to expand security. Support in similar areas”.

How to deal with Chinese and Russian influence in Asian and African countries? “We want to create a group of countries that want freedom and democracy and create more economic attraction so that non-aligned countries are not dragged into the orbit of dictatorial regimes,” he said. Times Prime Minister Johnson has effectively restarted the D-10 program, which was already launched in July 2020, and he wanted to serve as G7 leader this year by inviting Australia, South Korea and India to the summit.

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Words like those uttered by the minister His speech At the annual convention of the Conservative Party in Manchester. And maybe the interview Times. As we have already said, He has already quit competing for the leadership position once Tory: He will not do it after Johnson.

It’s time for him to transition from a rising star to a potential leader. In doing so, it seems to want to connect its future with Britain worldwide.

But there is no shortage of difficulties in Truss’ strategy. One example is enough: if France and China, the main reactor manufacturers in the UK and the West, were the first victims of the Axis and second, how would the UK put pressure on nuclear power?

(Photo: Twitter @TrussLiz)

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