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“The Good Nurse” –

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From Francesca Scorcucci

Academy Award winner Jessica Chastain, star of the Netflix movie based on a true story. Il divo: “To play a paramedic, I even learned how intravenous injections work”

Los Angeles “My daughter thinks it’s a Wizard“, He says Eddie Redmayne. Although at the age of six, he has yet to see his father in the movies practicing magic tricks Newt Scamander From prequel Harry Potter
“Fantastic Beasts
The little girl intercepted a trailer online and directed a specific question to her father: “You are a magician? he asked me. And I didn’t know what to answer. On the one hand, I wanted to solidify this image by saying yes, I’m a wizard on the other hand I didn’t mean to lie. So I did the usual trick From the coin that came out of the ear but was not affected much. Well, tell me, but in the trailer you did
building disappears. In short: my daughter is beginning to understand that as a magician I do not deserve much.”

as an actor instead the value English Eddie Redmayne is not questioned. In 2015 he won an awardOscar for him Interpretation famous physicist Stephen Hawking in
theory of everything

The following year, he received a second nomination for his voice and appearance
To the first transgender person in history to undergo surgery
«Danish girl
. Now there is talk of another nomination, as a supporting actor for “The Good Nurse”, arrived on Netflix after being released in US theaters. And another one True story. that ofNurses and serial killers Charlie Cullen and ColleagueAmy Logren (played by Jessica Chastainwho helped the police uncover it. Colin has been proven to have killed more than 40 people between the late 1980s and 2003 when he was arrested. Unofficial sources even talk about 400 suspicious deaths. Now the man is in prison, he has to serve 17 perpetuity. He avoided the death penalty by pleading guilty but never explained it the real reason of his crimes.

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Directed by Tobias Lindholm Based on the book of the same name by Charles Graeber, “The Good Nurse” He sees Eddie Redmayne disappear back into his character, as he did when he had to play the role Lively brain In the paralyzed body of Stephen Hawking or the woman trapped in the body of a man. “I think I shocked my kids again when I explained it not me Good nurse title. To play the killer, I studied the pictures and Graber’s book, in which Charlie is described as a A question mark – The actor says during a meeting organized by the Critics’ Choice Association -. There is no reference to his double personality But for his body. It was as if he had a hook holding it from the bottom of his collar and with it See
the world sideways from this position.

On the set was the real Aimee Lugren who helped understand relationship roots The two colleagues are very good friends until the author discovers all those suspicious deaths. “We have come to the conclusion that Charlie was two different peoplea Friend friendly and trusted it’s a serial killer. That between Charlie and Amy was a real friendship and this guy was split in two.”

There is more than that Eddie Redmayne He learned by making the movie: “To take off rubber paws The right way, to perform a file heart massage and we do injectionEven those intravenously, and now I’m constantly worried that they might be there air bubbles In the questioner.” But above all, he realized the importance of the nursing profession: «Their meanings Expedition. A nurse must be intellectually rigorous, must be knowledgeable about science, mathematics, and medicine, and must also be able to withstand enormous things. physical effortHow to move a patient to bed, Ed passionate. The nurse is the point of contact between doctors, patients and family at a very difficult time for illness and his emotions. If you are not already grateful to them after what they did during pandemic, I will be now, at the end of this movie.”

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