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After Prey, another great gift will arrive on December 26th on the Epic Store!

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After announcingFree access to Prey in the Epic Store, from the columns of Dealabs, now popular leaker Billbill-kun reveals the next super gift available from December 26th on the pages of the Epic Games digital store.

According to what the leaker suggests, the next Epic gift will be nothing less than the exciting sci-fi thriller Arkane presented at Christmas: On Boxing Day, the section dedicated to free games in the Epic Store should welcome nothing but Control!

If we want to pay attention to DeLabs’ “deep throat”, then, starting at 17:00 tomorrow, Sunday, December 26, we will have the opportunity to Recover PC version of metroidvania paranormal for free by Remedy. The version referenced by Billbill-kun is the Standard Edition, which differs from the Ultimate version of Control by the lack of post-launch expansions like Le Fondamenta and EMA.

For those only now approaching that title, remember that Control stars Jesse Faden, the new director of a US secret agency forced to contend with a mysterious multidimensional force threatening to invade New York. Experience the games offered by the latest third-person adventure of By Alan Wake, Max Payne and Quantum Break It centers around exploring the Federal Bureau of Control’s facility to combat Hiss’ creatures and absorb their abilities. For more information, you will find here our information Monitor review.

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