June 4, 2023

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Built-in hockey, a tasteless victory for techno snipers

Civitavecchia – Tasteless’s Triumph Techno snipers Who defeated Saturday Night at PalaMercuri 7-5 (2-3) i Roman castelli On the fifth day of the group stage Italian League Cup However, due to success Viareggio on me Romethe Tuscans will enter the final stage.

The meeting was beneficial to Coach Javazy To reintegrate injured veterans between the lines sweethearts and greeks, And to give the little ones precious play time. In this sense, the proof Daniel Cicuti (Class of 2007).
Civitavecchia players play good hockey, show interesting plots and have the advantage throughout the game. Castelli Romani are nothing but sacrificial victims, they never give up a bullet and recover heavy blemishes many times over. For technol youth connected to the internet Mandolfo and De Fazi (both born in 2005) with a brace each, which they add to Lepore, Cocino, and Tranquilli.

“It was good to be back playing after such a long personal hiatus – President Valentini says – But I saw that the boys did very well even without me, on the contrary, they are getting better every week. It’s a good sign: we ‘old men’ are heading towards retirement in peace while these young people with good prospects, thanks to difficult training sessions, are becoming more and more decisive for the team every day.

The He was called up to the second division: Eugenia Pompanin, Stefano Cuccino, Marco Stefani, Tyler Lepore, Michelangelo Tranquili, Alessandro De Fazzi, Manlio Mandolfo, Riccardo Valentini, Alessio Galli, Daniele Cicotti, Laura Giannini, Emanuele Serrano. Coach: Martina Gavazzi.

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