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According to Joe Biden, Vladimir Putin will attack Ukraine

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On Wednesday, US President Joe Biden, at the White House, held a press conference that lasted nearly two hours marking his first year in office and, among other things, took the opportunity to talk about the situation on the border between Russia and Ukraine. Tensions are rising, and the possibility of a Russian invasion is increasingly palpable.

At one point, in response to a question, Biden frankly said he believed Russian President Vladimir Putin would attack Ukraine, also adding that NATO might not have a common position on how to respond. His words alarmed the Ukrainian government a lot.

Asked about Putin’s intentions, Biden said: “I’m not sure he’s decided what to do: I think he’s going to go ahead, he should do something,” referring to someone Analytics Putin’s ambitions to extend his influence over the countries that were part of the Soviet Union.

His words have been taken up by much of the international press, and have been interpreted as “find dim“books The New York Times, with the failure of all attempts at a diplomatic solution to the conflict, which lasted for nearly ten days and which so far has not led to no result.

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Biden also spoke of internal divisions within NATO over how to respond to Russia’s military intervention in Ukraine. According to the US president, much will also depend on the seriousness and extent of Russian intervention: in the case of “limited” intervention among NATO member states, divisions can be created and end up “arguing about what to do and what not to do.”

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But if Russia decided to invade Ukraine, Biden said, Putin would have to pay a “heavy price” and that for him would be a “disaster.”

It is not clear what Biden meant when he spoke of “limited” intervention. White House spokeswoman Jennifer Psaki specified after the press conference that a military invasion of Ukraine could face a different response than a cyber attack or paramilitary action.

But the words of the US president alarmed the Ukrainian government, and also because of the differences Biden made about the possibility of adjusting Ukraine’s defense according to the seriousness of Russian intervention: Secondly CNN heard a Ukrainian official that this amounted to giving Putin the “green light to enter Ukraine as he pleases.”

Russian government for weeks Collected About 100 thousand soldiers, and a lot of weapons and tanks on the border with Ukraine, threaten to intervene if the West, or rather NATO, does not give guarantees that Ukraine will never join the alliance, and more generally that it will boycott the process of “enlargement”. to the East.” In recent days, concerns about possible Russian interference have become more acute: according to many analyzes, there are good reasons to believe that Putin is already considering a military operation of some kind.

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