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When the 5 stars attacked Renzi’s “crap”.

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Shouting too much at the enemy sooner or later runs the risk of remaining speechless. And be amazed. To look in front of a mirror at the sins he blamed on others and which are now his own. There are those who call it an enemy, those who have double standards, those who still read the law of revenge. But for Beppe Grillo and his M5s, it’s nothing more than another irony in their history of ups and downs. They wanted to moralize politicians, and in the end they themselves became politicians to educate them. If Yesterday’s Five Stars watched Today’s Five Stars, they’d probably call it chastity and wave handcuffs under their noses.

An example above all is what happened in 2017 when the news came out that an investigation had been opened against Tiziano, father of Matteo Renzi, for competition in the smuggling of influencers in the Concep investigation. Toh, the same crime for which the leader of the Pentastellato will be tried today. When it came to chance six years ago, however, there was an enemy to fight, M5s were in opposition, and so I began a crusade against the father of the then Democratic party secretary. “Renzi behaves like the last alien puppy, the White (half man, half alien) born and eats his mother. Just as the seat says morally: double condemnation of my father, he cries thus…with moral force of command in the bar of the Snack Buddies Club. It is the first pages that It cannot be read, and the only things that can be understood are foolishness, ”the insulted Grillo, who then added in his blog: “The only news is that the remover will probably only succeed in eliminating his father. (…) In every age, Pacciani, and his companions For snacks”. All, of course, in the face of the guarantee. Even a few hours after the news of the investigation, the then Vice-President of the Chamber, Luigi Di Maio, brandished the gallows with the hashtag #RenziSapeva? He commented: “Renzi’s father and his right-hand man Lottie investigated the Consip investigation. Was it Renzi Aware of information-trafficking?”.As if that weren’t enough, Di Maio then offered to extoll the differences between the M5s and the others.”We’re asking to resign not because of the arrest warrants he ruled live on Corrieretv — but because of the way we understand politics.”

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In a Facebook post of March 2, 2017, Julia Grillo wrote: “When the atomic bomb explodes on the periphery, there will be no shelter for anyone. Today more than ever honesty is needed in institutions. It is unacceptable that the highest levels Politics is corrupt with rampant poverty, soaring unemployment and business closings.”

She was echoed by then-blame Alessandro Di Battista, writing on February 25, 2017 in a blog post to the stars: “We’ll wait to see Father Renzi’s role in this somewhat ambiguous situation.” Then he almost incited the digital crowd: «I ask you one thing and I ask you a question: but if this grave case concerned the Five Star Movement, my father, Luigi Di Maio’s father, or some of our friends, how much and how would they talk about it? Here perhaps this question should now be directed to Beppe Grillo.

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