April 23, 2024

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A2 Hockey: Alice Grosseto’s third defeat in the league

Grosseto: Alice Skating suffered their third defeat in the A2 series (8-3 at Pardini Sports Center against Rotellistica Camaiore), but the match in Versilia showed a more vibrant team than in the last two games.

Michel Achille’s sons remained in the match practically until the 14th minute of the second half, after they were hit by two goals from Nicolo Matugini (former Correggio), who sent Rutilestica Camaiore to 6-3. Before that moment, Alice, who was at a disadvantage 10 minutes later due to a questionable penalty converted by Giorgi, played a good match, holding up well against a seasoned opponent, with Melanie and Mattogini, relegated from the A1 series. In the second half, a long shot by Achille and another under-measured by Boraccelli only made Alice go one distance. An unfortunate deviation by Achilli on a Mattugini shot resulted in Versilian’s success.

Grosseto’s team has taken a good step forward, despite the absence of Rosati (who will be out for a month) and Alfieri. Aceli, who once allowed both goalkeepers, was able to count on Alessandro Bardini and in the final, at the end of the match, involved the very young Giusti.

Rutilestica Camori – Alice Grosseto 8-3

ROTELLISTICA CAMAIORE: Flags, Venice; Brunelli, Antonelli, Giorgi, Milanese, Benedetti, Bardini, Terranense, Mattogini. everybody. Elijah Gedi.

Alice Grosto: Bruni, Rafael Ciopi; Achille, Salvadore, Boracelli, Bardini, Nerosi, Leonardo Ciopi, Giusti, Bianchi.

Referee: Matteo Righetti.

NETS: in pt at 10’19 Giorgi (rig.), 16’39’ Brunelli, 18’22 Bianchi, 20’12 Antonelli; On the street at 2’12 Achilli, 2’14 Borracelli, 11’27 Mattugini, 13’19 Mattugini, 15’09 Pardini, 24’51 Tirinnanzi.

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