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A1 rink hockey series: clear defeat for Ingas Vercelli with Montebello

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Evening to forgetimpurity Vercelli, he was badly defeated at Bala From beautiful mountain; The Venice team won Tennis 6-1, and curiously enough, the same score was reduced to yellow, green and black in the valid match for Paolo TorazoI played no more than twenty days ago. The defeat at that time didn’t seem to be absorbed by the boys in the right way sergey polka dotAs the words of the Catalan coach himself made clear at the end of the match. “We knew they would close a lot and could get hurt with the restart; unfortunately we couldn’t face the situation as we wanted, we rushed the attack and without proper attention to restarting them. Playing good and losing is useless; we made so many mistakes and lightness that our opponents, with great irony, They did not forgive us. The boys did not deserve to lose much: they gave everything and I could not blame them for anything. We made a lot of mistakes, which always pay a heavy price in high-level sport.”

Soon the record was made: impurity Immediately under the pressure of Vercelli, to keep the pace high and possession of the ball high, with the guests in solidarity to defend the cage. Rodriguez bis (Which, between the lines, has proven to be a great goalkeeper.) Vercelli’s initiatives have not shown positive effects, and only at the moment when the target seems to be getting closer and closer, within seconds, a double “cold shower” arrives. A quick counterattack aimed at him Borriganthe best in the field with Rodriguez bis The sharp ex Matoginiwhich was preferred by a very grave mistake in the disengagement stage Tatarani. at 0-2impurity He charges the hit and thwarts attempts to retreat due to the inaccuracy of the shot or the last pass, and when everything goes in the right direction, he thinks about it. Rodriguez bis to ward off the threat. to me white and red Vicentine Instead, without detracting from its indisputable merits, everything seems to be going well, since then Marquis Bernard Checks another disengagement error and goes in the second half to score. We go to the interval at 0-3 and even in the second half of the game the music does not change: impurity who pushes but fails to break through the wall of Vicenza and suffers greatly from replays of insightful guests. Verona was saved on more than one occasion, but she had to give up on another feat Marquis Bernardo who created another great goal from a very difficult situation. Then the 0-5 goal comes with BorriganWhich re-emphasizes the net from a penalty kick that he shot himself and Verona saved the goal of Vercelli’s flag with the captain. Tatarani And the final 1-6 again with unleashed Borrigan.

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Below, the match report

Angus Versili1

beautiful mountain6

Injas Vercelli: VeronaAnd the BrusaAnd the OrestAnd the TataraniAnd the ZukeatiAnd the Diogo nevesAnd the LogisoAnd the zochteAnd the KanyeAnd the lift. Attached polka dot

beautiful mountain: Rodriguez bisAnd the GhirardelloAnd the Marquis BernardAnd the MatoginiAnd the ClaudellyAnd the saltAnd the BorriganAnd the amdolaginAnd the zordanAnd the Nardy. Attached chiarillo

the reviewer: Andrisani Matera and ogiri Lodi

Points: 7’18”, 43’36”, 46’22” Borrigan (M), 7’56 inches Matogini (Medium), 22’09” and 39’39” Marquis Bernardo (centre), 46’03” Tatarani (exposure value)

blue marks: Zukeati (exposure value) 2′

Other results: TricinoAloud subordinate marble 5-3And the BassanoSarzana 2-1And the ValdagnoMonza 3-5And the GrossetoCgc Viareggio 3-4And the Hobby to praisemontequi Pricalcino 7-0And the VolonicaSandrigo 3-4

classification: Tricino points 9And the BassanoAnd the Volonica 7And the SarzanaAnd the GrossetoAnd the Lodi enthusiasts 6And the impurityVercelli 4And the Aloud marble*And the beautiful mountain*And the Monza 3And the Cgc Viareggio 1And the Valdagno*And the SandrigoAnd the montequi Pricalcino* 0. Note: It’s a game that needs to be restored

Next turn: (Wednesday 5th at 8.45pm) MonzaHobby to praiseAnd the Sandrigoimpurity VercelliAnd the CgcViareggioVolonicaAnd the SarzanaGrossetoAnd the beautiful mountainTricinoAnd the Aloud subordinate marble-FifthDagnoAnd the montequi PricalcinoBassano

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