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After another video game was delayed, the gameplay has changed: the new history

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One of the highly anticipated video games has been officially postponed, with very profound changes to the gameplay.

Unfortunately, the 2022 This year remains a very complicated year for the gaming industry, with millions of gamers getting injured on schedule due to the sudden postponement of the most anticipated titles. There are still repercussions COVID-19, which led the studies to reorganize the internal work that was not perfect. Then there is the fear of playing an unfinished game and risking what happened CDPR with Cyberpunk 2077 movie, without shoulders as big as the shoulders of the Polish company. Which is why, often, when in doubt, you prefer to put off your video game.

After another video game was delayed, the gameplay has changed: the new history

Certainly not news that makes you smile, but from a certain point of view, it’s certainly comforting to know that the title is being polished and taken care of as it should be, and that the developers prefer it. It takes more time to work on it. And in that sense, there’s really a lot of work to be done, apparently, for a highly anticipated title that was pushed back a few hours ago.

The Witchfire game has been delayed, but it has also revolutionized profoundly

The game in question is encrypta strange hybrid between a spirit And the the death, which puts us in the shoes of a demon hunter in the medieval world. The game has been in development for a while but, as announced in an official statement from Astronauts, is not over yet. And indeed, early access scheduled for the end of the year has been pushed back a lot. The reason for this choice is due to the shortcomings of the title, which the developers still want to work on, and which take much longer than expected. Not only that, it was also decided to change a file Play From action, passing from a typical shooter game, with areas to clean interspersed with corridors, to a more open world style too.

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Witchfire power
Witchfire power

The developers now promise, unlike the original design, that it will be possible to instantly explore almost all areas of the map, fighting with almost any boss in the game. It’s definitely not a recommended thing, but it’s definitely one thing Revolution Total game, which totally includes a more open and less restrictive genre. Early Access was supposed to be towards the end of 2022, and now it looks like it’s been moved to the first half of 2023. The game’s release date hasn’t been set yet, but we can say we’re probably thinking about the second half of 2023.

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