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A test that gives confidence to a mastiff

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One 5 A 0 which arouses the interest of the audience but is also a good injection for trust because I am Mastini Varese. A challenge that Paraso played well, never questioned and with a score that could have been even greater.

Players affected by injuries are on their way to recovery even if the exact time is not yet known, but the roster is now used to playing for them too, which shows the will to always deliver more. So today was also, Against Bressanone, however, it is difficult and difficult to deal with.

The game starts with Varese What a test From the beginning To impose an appropriate pace and above all to play with the center of gravity shifted forward. Kosti was immediately called upon to intervene, rejecting intriguing conclusions from the middle distance. Mastiffs build their actions well, and manage to create some headaches for opponents who are still well placed in the defensive zone. Opportunities are built according to criteria and the network that unlocks the game is a symbol: De Biasio’s brilliant intuition that provides hot A gold record is paid online only.

A few moments later, Brixen’s reaction arrived, but Beilon was overcome by a three-way tackle, budding the idea of ​​a South Tyrol tie in the bud.

Brixen starts in second period With a good attacking tendency even if in the first seconds it was Varese who touched the double with two conclusions but they end up with a high score. After allowing the Hawks to vent the galloneri to start again to grind the match and at 38’04” they hit the double thanks to B’s raid. villages Good at exploiting opponents’ defensive uncertainty: The conclusion is dry and precise.

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When Bressanone could reopen the meeting, Pilon closed the mirror again with a grandiose parade. Mastiffs risk very little and personal initiative quality The trio arrives, really cool: when it looks like it’s done, it turns around and sends the disc into the poles corner from a very angular position.

The third dartel is clearly in control of the yellow and black team that is still finding a way to have the audience present with M Networks. villages Based on Tellaro. The yellow and black number 23 collects an assist from Kaliti and sends it under the intersection, while the number 74 flies alone and does what a few minutes before he can’t.

The next match for Mastini will be in Cavalese against Valdivemi.

Mastini Varese – Bressanone Hawks 5 – 0 (1: 0 2:0 2:0)

15’26” (MV) Piroso (De Biasio, Bertin), 28’04” (MV) P. Borghi, 36’45” (MV) Kaleti, 42’44” (MV) M Borghi (Calletti), 55″ 28″ (MV) Tellaro (M. Mazzacane)

Mastini Varese: 80 Bellon (9 Mordenti), 3 Cina, 9 A. Bertin, 22 E. Mazagan, 5 Della Torre, 37 Belloni, 44 Di Pasio, 8 Fornasetti, 15 Kalite, 23 M Borghi, 27 M Mazacan, 29 Cordane, 31 Allevato , 32 P. Borghi, 55 Piroso, 74 Tilaro. Coach: Tom Paraso

The Bressanone Falcons: 30 Kosta (49 Lederlechner), 8 Tauber, 13 Bona, 24 Laitner, 66 Baumgartner, 12 Pircher, 14 EM Hasler, 16 Di Schiavi, 20 Purdeller, 22 Kelder, 23Kostner, 39 Steiner, 41 Magro, 56 Nardon, 7 Demetz, 12 Pircher, 16 Di Schiavi, 20 Purdeller, 23 Kostner, 41 Magro, 44 ​​Bergmeister, 56 Nardon. Coach: David Ross de Schiafe

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