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Canadian Roberta Battaglia is a powerful star voice with Abruzzo at heart

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Roberta Battaglia, Canada’s powerful star voice, has Abruzzo at heart.

The expressive voice of North American music Italian name and surname Roberta Battaglia was born on August 22, 2009 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. His father, Alessandro, a musician, and his mother, Gabriella, are from Naples. Abruzzo is from the province of Pescara.
Many talents of Abruzzo blood have become gods in American history Legends of international music, Like Dino Crocetti in art Dean MartinBut Pierino also Perry Como, Or the great composer Enrico, Henry Mancini. Not to mention the tenant and actor Mario LanzaBorn Alfred Cocoza, up Madonna, Veronica Ciccone, continues to sell out concerts around the world today. Many artists have always seen it States in their “Promised Land”Life, and music, was for such great native Canadian stars Joni Mitchell and Neil Young And so appears the musical journey of a pure talent like the young Roberta Battaglia.

The turning point in his early life – which started with his father when he was 3 years old – happened In 2020, he won the much-celebrated final “America has talent”. With a very powerful voice, the performance of this girl with the singing of the celebrants sparked immense enthusiasm. Lady Gaga (born Angelina Germanotta)But with the confession of all his inspiring muses, Until our Georgia.
Little Roberta cites her as one of her models: I love her powerful voiceWith the lasting stars of the international music sky, not the ephemeral meteors, perhaps falling from the sky like a giant Jim Croce (originally from Marsica). That is why his parents, in interviews with the newspapers of our Canadian settlement, declare that they are very attentive not only to the development of his innate musical talent, but also to his educational and happy development.
In her personal profile, Roberta welcomes us, recalling all her passages within our native community growing up in the great country, now established in an open and multiracial society. The title of his message is strong: “Vocal power meets spunk and youth” With his first single “severe”, which brought attention to the show, which was as bright as it was merciless, with rules for better recording and profiting from the television circuit. And so the woman advances anyway, remembering the steps she has climbed up to now, a conqueror Prize in 2022 “Smart Minded Women Student of the Year” And this year’s meetings, while in your city – There are more than 80,000 people from Abruzzo – National Anthems will be performed “Toronto Raptors NBA Game”.

A career that continues in streaming by being in a TV series “Three Pines”Aired on Amazon Prime Video site. However, will this be enough to keep her in the hearts of her adoring audience, transcending the American obsession with young talent who is sometimes forgotten as they grow up? Like an artist, with all the strength of his surname, he can fight many battles and, above all, win them: as our immigrants were able to do even in the world of entertainment, we like to think so. The same was true of Canada’s other musical talent Victoria di Giovanni, in Art “Vicky Dee”His father hailed from the village of Korwara in the province of Pescara.

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