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A tech expert shows you how to take care of your body at all

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always considered tech expert par excellence now Salvatore Aranzola, technology king, It is also dedicated to take care of his body. On his profile Instagram, 2 days ago, the software troubleshooter published a file Photo in front of Mirror where the . appears physical This is a bodybuilder With Sculpted chest and abs muscles. Rain Likes for aranzola who – which he has amazed everyone, coup Picture The stereotype of the ideal student, both home and computer. Now, in addition to Technology TutorialAranzulla also teaches you how to take care of your body.

the perfect mind in healthy body: Not only brain, but also muscles. If so far everyone only expected useful answers from him to a technological demon, like computer, printers and software, Now Aranzulla also provides information to get a file Perfect fitness.

For a few years now, the 31-year-old has chosen to apply his wits to training in the gym. “Once I moved to Milan From Sicily – he told Gazzetta dello Sport – in 2008, I did not know how to cook, I always eat takeaway So I put on weight. I started for train But I had to stop because Ulcerative colitis. Then I started again but I was broke, the last time I ended up in the hospital with a digestive block: I ate breakfast half an hour before training.”

«A few years ago – continues Aranzulla – I moved into the house, and found out that there was a house in the building Sport club condominium: I decided to take advantage of it. By studying a series of scientific meta-analyses, I realized that I had to take them into account Training basicsAnd exercise volume etc.”.

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