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A space for children waiting for life to return to normal

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It will be mainly a party for children, trying to conform to the rules of distancing that still characterize social life, and the first test of a gradual return to normal life. Castrovillari’s Carnival is back in attendance after a hiatus last year, but it’s doing so with a dry base program for this 64 still Covid-compatible version. There are no outside parades, no allegorical floats, no masked groups, in one of the historic festivals of the Calabrian scene, but little interest in the carnival party for the children who will be assigned a double date on Sunday 27 February inside the school village.

A choice, from Pro Loco of Castrovillari, who wants to start a first recovery session after talking for a long time with the municipal administration to understand what could have been done with the health emergency still in progress. Organizers explain that the decision to dedicate the 2022 party to young children goes precisely in the direction of a desire to give a little serenity and joy to those who have “suffered the most from a lack of socialization”.

In the very limited programme, there will be a place, Thursday 24 February at 5.00 pm in the Castle of Aragon, to crown the Carnival King with the usual ritual of handing over the keys to the city to King Joker. The event will be open to the public, with free admission and mandatory green lane as per DPCM anti-COVID-19 standards. Then on Sundays a double date with the children’s carnival: from 10:00 to 11:00 and from 11:30 to 12:30 with cartoons with masks, street performers, jugglers and clowns. Appointment is always open to the public with free admission and the mandatory green pass.

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“Carnival 2022 is like last year, it will definitely be different from the others – confirms Pro Loco president, Eugenio Iannelli – the Covid-19 pandemic has unfortunately changed the connotations of the most colorful and crazy parties of the year. Bans on gathering and respect for social distancing do not make traditional carnival possible but not Certainly the festivities of the event ought to be less magical, especially for the little ones; that is the spirit that will accompany us in this edition.”

“Compared to last year, where the carnival was only virtual – confirmed Pro Loco technical director, Gerardo Bonifati – this year we will do without parades and parades but we will return to attendance.” Your partner in social media marketing

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