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Let’s give space to the “tested” youth of the future

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by Barbara Caldirola

Even the last piece “Always be on the side of the boys” is ready: in Villa Zoia she opens Spazio Giovani, a project on which Concorezzo has been working for some time. After renovating sports facilities and coaches to boost talent, breeders and labs arrive with their own headquarters in the heart of the city. Mayor Mauro Capitano does not doubt him: “It is the link between the school and the parish.” I see, that was missing. It starts with a double weekly opening, Tuesday (15-18) and Friday 16-18.30), the social offer experts focused on the 11-17-year-old age group at work, which is the most sensitive especially after the beating of Covid, but here we will contribute to making sure that problems do not You take over. Gathering Place, Growth, and Opportunity, At the ribbon-cutting we talked about the mix that the Palace will have at their disposal.

It all started months ago with an investigation of their dreams and needs which resulted in shared accommodation for the headquarters, redeveloped by the municipality. A method that “tells” what formula will be popular within its walls. Part of the money the management has put into the board to create future activities is the result of the year-end sale of the “Window on Concorzo” puzzles. “The opening of Spazio Giovanni is part of a broader plan of initiatives dedicated to youth in our region – confirms the mayor. – The latest chronological order is the opening of the basketball court in Scakaparuzzi Park, preceded by the redevelopment of the ice skating rink and the athletics rink. Elements that define a concrete structure in terms of spaces and hospitality for adolescent development. This new emergence is also placed in a general context, the aim being that it can be well integrated with the regional network between sports, school and environments linked, for example, to the parish.

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“We strongly believe in the experiment that Spazio Giovanni is doing – adds Walter Magni, Social Services Consultant – and it is no coincidence that we have chosen Villa Zoya as our headquarters. It is a way to inform young people of the importance we attach to them and to this project”. to get information [email protected]

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