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Goals and entertainment in Catanzaro, but Lecco falls 5-3 – Lecco News – Lecco Daily – Breaking news from Lecco, Lake Como, Risjon, Valsassina, Brianza. Events, traffic

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Catanzaro – Opens on Catanzaro 2024 from Leko FootballWhich aims to open the new year as it closed the old year: with three points on the farm. There are no new signings among Bluecelesti players, as expected in the conference BonazzoliWho depends on the believers in attack Stefano, Bosso And Novakovic. On the other hand, all of Catanzaro's skill, among the discoveries of the year, is with Emmylou And Byashi Leader in the offensive department.

Calabria took the lead in the 18th minute Verna, who shoots a flat ball after the corner develops. Lecco does not lose heart, on the contrary, it increases the engine speed. And so on at minute 25 Stefano The triangle closes with LIBOR to equalize the score by slippage Folignate In the bottom corner. Four laps passed and the Blucelesti team turned the game on its head: Lemmens With his head, the ball hit the post before ending up in the net for a 2-1 goal. Catanzaro takes the hit and the Leccos try to escape, but the scoreboard does not change and we go to the end of the first half with the Como team in front.

In the second half, the challenge was completely different. A great start from the hosts, who were back in front within five minutes. before Sonas He turns to the area and takes it Milgratithen Emmylou He puts the cross in the net Vandebot Bringing Calabria back to prominence. But the match is more lively than ever and the Manzonians are not giving up: it's the 55th minute NovakovicWith his head he hits the ball 3-3 without disturbance; The third goal in two matches for the former American, Venice.

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In the 63rd minute, a quick counterattack by Leko Judges Who scores after Novak's cross: but there is no time to celebrate, Maresca, with apparent delay, cancels it out due to an error by the striker. In a forward exchange, Emmylou escapes and crosses to Sonas who heads the ball over from two steps to make it 4-3.

The Bloscelestis, at the helm, do not give up brown And Ionic Equally good balls. However, in the final, it was still Catanzaro who concluded the match: Byashi He takes advantage of the result in the Lecco area to beat Melgrati in the bracket. The final score was 5-3, with some remorse on the part of the Bluecelesti side in managing the opening minutes of the second set.

Catanzaro Lecco 5-3
First half 1-2

Signs: Verna (C), Di Stefano (L), Lemmens (L), Sonas (C), Emilo (C), Novakovic (L), Sonas (C), Biaschi (C).

Leko (4-3-3) Malagarti; Lemmens (from 34 min. Salcedo), Bianconi, Marrone, Libor (from 48 min. Guglielmotti); Unitas, Cersanti, Crusade; Di Stefano (from Giudici Street I), Novakovic, Busso. everyone.: Bonazzoli

Catanzaro (4-4-2) Fulgnati; Katsiris (from 15 minutes Seatum), Scognamilo, Brijeanti, Krajnic (from 30 minutes Krastev Street); Sonas, Verna, Pontisso (from 15′ Bombetti Street), Vandeput (from 41′ Stupa); Emilio (from 30 Ambrosino Street), Biasi. everyone.: Vivarini

to rule: Marisca Napoli

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