Home World A policeman grabs the suspect’s car during a chase: video

A policeman grabs the suspect’s car during a chase: video

A policeman grabs the suspect’s car during a chase: video

In Iowa, a video was released showing a cop drawing his gun and grabbing a suspect’s car during a daring chase.

a video Published on Friday, May 19 appears a Police officer An Iowa native clings desperately to the hood of a suspect’s car during a wild police chase.

The facts go back to 2021.

A policeman grabs the suspect’s car during a chase: video

The dramatic footage, released by Carroll Police, immortalized the moment the agent was in Patrick McCarty Cling to the hood and then the roof of the four-wheeler Dennis Geider Jr, 29, before being thrown into a ditch. As I mentioned KCCI NewsAfter impact, report to the officer broke down from the spine.

McCarty stopped the car on March 5, 2021 and informed Gidder, who was sitting in the passenger seat, that there Arrest warrant him in Illinois.

McCarty can be heard saying on video recorded by his camcorder: “I hate to break this up with you, but it looks like you have a warrant for my arrest in Illinois.” Then the policeman asked the suspect to get out of the car. While the man who was already driving got out of the car, the Guider commandeered the car leashAccording to what appears in the video obtained by the local radio.

When McCarty saw the car rolling forward, he pulled over pistol And he stopped in front of the car. Despite the officer’s presence, Guider continued driving, prompting the officer to jump on the hood.

accident and arrest

“Stop the damn car!” McCarty shouted at the 29-year-old as more officers arrived on the scene. But Guider chose, instead, to continue driving to About 80 km/h with the policeman holding onto the roof of the car.

In the camera shot from another police car, McCarty is seen struggling to avoid falling as Guider hurtles down a dirt road. According to the video, the four-wheeler fell into a ditch and bounced several times, causing McCarty to fly off and land on the behind.

“I’m fine, man, go get him,” the cop yelled at his partner as Guider left. “I’m fine. Repeat.

Later, it was discovered that McCarty had broken his back.

according to what Des Moines RegisterThe mentor announced himself sinner Of serious injuries from the car and was sentenced to up to five years.

He also mentioned that he has Fear for his life When the policeman pulled his gun and jumped into the car.


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