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A new teaser announces the release date of the Zerocalcare series on Netflix [VIDEO]

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Netflix File released Teaser trailers to This world will not make me badthe new series of Zero limestone for broadcast service yet Rip along the edges. The new teaser also reveals the release date: June 9, 2023.

In the margins of the trailer, in the video uploaded to the Netflix Youtube channel, we read the following: We have been waiting for this moment as much as Secco is waiting for ice cream: This World Won’t Make Me Bad will arrive June 9, only on Netflix. In this new series, Zerocalcare will once again take us into its own world narrative universetells about Difficulty finding a place in the world and surviving amid the hardships of life.

Written and directed by Zerocalcare, This world will not make me bad will consist of 6 episodes, for about half an hour each, which will delve deeper into issues dear to the author. The title of the show represents a kind of mantra, a phrase that Zerocalcare repeats himself, almost to convince himself, in those moments of life when one feels surrounded, with no way out, when it is easier to make wrong choices, to deny ideals and principles in order to get out of trouble. A phrase that everyone, with their experiences, lives and stories, might find useful to repeat.

in This world will not make me bad The world of narration, unique language and historical characters will return to the world of Zerocalcare: Zero, Sarah, Seiko, and Armadillothe pronoun of the permanent zero, which he again expressed in an unequivocal voice Valerio Mastandria. They will be the protagonists of a story made up of digressions, anecdotes, emotions and ups and downs.

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This world will not make me bad is a series produced by Movimenti Production, a subsidiary of Banijay Group, in association with BAO Publication.

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