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Best 2022 4^- Senior Coaches, Where Are The Australians? December shocked between Haddad and arrests. Varese dreams of hockey

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Another year has passed: long, intense, and alive as ever, and Covid is almost (finally) completely behind us. According to tradition, we bring you the most read articles on Varese Sports (broken down by month) in order to recapture all the feelings of 2022. Here’s the big news October, November and December.


Again, the court will be held at the beginning of October Joseph Sanino: After signing a three-year agreement with walnut in a D seriesIn fact, The former Varese coach’s adventure in Campania was short lived. The indiscretion arose from the fact that the team arrived in Puglia without coach Ottaviano (a draw against Casarano) and the rumors, which later turned out to be true, are explained in heaven next destination.

Staying on topic, the coaches are shocking to come from Solbiatese: After starting the season with ups and downs, the 2-1 defeat at Ardor Lazzate was the last straw and the Nerazzurri decided to move on and Greetings from Coach Pierluigi Gennari with s Mirko Barban On the field directing training while waiting for the next coach (who will become the former Varese Dominicali Guide).

Coaches are the masters in october since tencico del Varese city Luciano Di Paola does not mince words After a home draw against Breno he burst onto the microphones claiming he couldn’t work miracles, that he couldn’t leave the captain’s armband to Disabato and call in an intervention from the club to revive the team.


In the early days of the month, football still takes first place, but with one of those gestures one never wants to see on the pitch: making a big fuss in the field.Eleventh day affiliate Group A tournament Juniors Regional and the Unsportsmanlike behavior of the Jeraghese player who headbutted Busto81 coach Rodolfo, a Brazilian.a gesture that was immediately condemned by the Roussoble Club.

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However, in November we also return to talking about basketball andAn endless wait for the arrival of the Pelligra collection in Varese: After the official presentation of the Australian consortium on June 24 at the Salone Estense in the municipality of Varese, there is no more news on the investment front. Considering that the Pelligra Group had to undertake a project to redevelop the entire Masnago sports area, OJM fans can only wonder: “Why all this waiting?“.

Another article that is especially appreciated by readers is still about recordsme Results hey grades affiliateThe eleventh day of the first category championship: the Single sebino win 4-3 on Valcericiowhile the not him CutUnion Villa Cassano to 3-1. I wash And the Gallarate He brought home a 1-0 win againstAzure mozzarella and the Postowhile theOlympia Trisiana Same result vsArsages.


In the first days of the last month of the year, a terrible mourning shakes the red and white world: He left us Ignatius Rousseauthe unforgettable Varese player who scored the decisive goal in the derby match against Legnano in the 1989-90 season.

A different shock, but an amazing one: December continues with the scandal within Castan with the’The arrest of the coach, Marco Molozzo, was immediately acquitted by the Neuroverde club. Molluso charged before Anti-Mafia Directorate For offenses related to management Commercial Business in Milan ‘Ndrangheta And for one tax fraud more 1.5 million euros They relate to both the issuance and use of false invoices with an unjustified deduction of VAT.

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To close 2022 very rich isHCMV Varese Hockeythe team that made the Yellow and Black fans dream in the first phase of the regular season Dominate the derby against Como Conquer the top of the IHL and make their roar heard throughout Five ice rink.

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