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Penalties for not paying

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The assembly machine has been restarted. Even in the face of small debt, the tax authorities are taking decisive action. The risk of fines is very high.

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The new year has just begun, but the financial agenda won’t wait for taxpayers to fully recover from the holiday season. In fact, the group’s march begins immediately after the holiday period, which will end on January 6 with Epiphany. As early as the 10th of the month, in fact, the Revenue Agency will start knocking on the doors of Italians to demand payment of the receivable, Especially in terms of quarterly contributions. And be warned, because 2022 will also be the year of fiscal tightening. The government has decided to act decisively to combat tax evasion, and for this reason, it will not be limited to cracking down on the use of cash.

During the most difficult period of the epidemic, The tax authorities had implemented a form of debt amortizationPostponing payment terms and in some cases canceling older tax invoices. Now the situation has changed radically: the collection machine returned to work at the end of last summer and taxpayers, despite the objective difficulties caused by the ongoing emergency period, could count only on a minimal extension. It is also not valid for everyone. Therefore, the appointment with the tax authorities can no longer be postponed. Bearing in mind that even debt repayment requests will return to the pre-crisis situation.

Beware of these fines: it is enough for us to forget to sting the IRS

Taxes, January deadlines: What to consider

So watch out for the calendar. Paying attention to tax deadlines is essential if you don’t want to incur heavy penalties. They will be at any time, and more so in the context of an emergency that remains highly focused. In this sense, January 31 is only the deadline: Agenda starts as early as January 10, when the deadline for paying quarterly contributions to INPS is set by local employers. The rest will be delayed until the end of the month, except for the 2021 VAT deposit settlement, which is scheduled for January 26, 2022. After that, the date of 31 will be circled with a big red sign. Net of all economic difficulties. At the end of January, in fact, the payment of the registration tax on rental agreements certified on January 1 will decrease.

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Electronic invoice, what the tax authorities can control: who really shiver

The remaining tax deadlines relate to the payment of taxes, such as the Ray license fee, to all those who did not already get them on the electric bill. The same deadline (January 31) will also cover those who have not yet paid the €9 tax applicable for the months from January to October. Also, pay attention to the reports the Revenue Agency clarified in a November 12 letter. In fact, electric companies must report electronically those who did not comply with paying the tax, even if they had a TV at home. Failure to contact will result in a fine of €30. This is why the companies raised the level of interest, while the revenue agency bolstered the sanctions front. For those who do not comply with the tax as of January 31, fines can be up to 540 euros. Same for those who don’t have an electrical facility and don’t file via F24 by January 31st. Given that the total fee is €90 per year, being smart is clearly not worth it.

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