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Provided a dictionary of techniques of Greece and Rome

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Friday lastJanuary 12 in the Council Chamber San Nicola Palacel Palm of the handacting Alfaro High School Participate in the meeting with Paola Radici Colas“, author”Dictionary of Sciences and Technologies in Greece and Rome“, as part of the review”Metropolitan Novels. Book and Literature Festival“, promoted by the Metropolitan City of Reggio Calabria. Colas presented Volume III Who is this great work On the The relationship between science and the ancient worldpublished before Fabrizio Serra Editions“, with an eloquent subtitle”Classics and the birth of European science“.

The event, sponsored by MetroCity and the Municipality of Palmi, was held in the form of Rich and detailed dialogue With many voices. After the institutional greeting to the Mayor of Pianigiano, Giuseppe RanocchioAnd an introduction Lorelei Rosita BorutoPresident of the International Book Center of Calabria, accompanied by the sharp moderation of Professor. Giuseppe Cananzi (Director of DiGiEs at the Mediterranean University of Reggio Calabria), the professor spoke with the author. Giuseppe Solaroco-editor of the volume, Professor of Classical Philology at the University of Foggia, prof.ssa Maria Luisa Chirico, former professor of classical philology at the University of Campania “L. Vanvitelli, “Prof. antonio polisi, Former Professor of the Veterinary Medical Clinic of the University of Messina, Giuseppe VerderameDirector of ISEP (Higher Institute of Legal Studies) of Reggio Calabria, Prof. Giuseppe Gembelloformer professor of the history of philosophy at the University of Messina, Fabrizio Serra,editor of the volume, H Julia TozziEditor Fabrizio Serra.

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He finished Morning work professor I am Maria UrsusProfessor of Classical Philology at the University of Messina and collaborator on the volume.

the offerWhich received great interest among students and teachers Explains the origins of European science In the classical world, fresco painting departs from the common image of Greco-Roman antiquity excelling in artistic, literary, philosophical and legal innovations but distant from technical and scientific concerns.

even in The distance between ancient and modern sciencehighlighted the work of Radici-Colas and colleagues Vitality, cognitive and technological richness From the Greek world And RomanianThis was done through a wise and painstaking survey that has very high scientific value. The dictionary, which will have a fourth volume, will be a valuable reference tool for all classical archaeologists in the years to come.

Credit must be given to the Metropolitan City and Municipality for organizing such an important event and to the Einaudi Alfaro School Director, eva raffaella nicolo, For accepting the invitation of the Palmez Municipal Administration out of concern for higher cultural education for students.

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