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A new game from the program has emerged from a player poll –

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armored core can be in Development at From Software And soon to arrive, based on a vote It has spread to some users that it was reported on the ResetEra forum, effectively confirming the series’ return in the near future.

Reportedly, the survey (screenshot appears on this is the addressa . reports Describe The resolution of the game is also accompanied by images and a short video, so it is clear that the project is already in an advanced state of development and close to release, although there is no official announcement about it yet.

one game Third-person shooter Which is based on the use of combat mechanics, as in the imitation of the series, and allows you to move around a very large map with a sci-fi setting.

Armored Core: Verdict Day, an image from one of the latest chapters of the series

Story and setting made by Hidetaka Miyazaki, or the author of many Dark Souls, Bloodborne and Elden Ring, being in fact Armored Core is the series that made the team itself known in the world.

the Date It is based on the struggle for control of Melange, a mysterious substance that could enable radical advances in human society through apparent technological advances, something akin to Dune’s Spice. In the past, this substance has been subjected to a cosmic catastrophe on the planet Pachter, but this appears to have returned to activity after the complete destruction, which prompts the various forces in the system to try to understand what happened and clearly use the substance to their advantage. .

Also on the narrative front, this game should offer a complex and multi-layered story, set right on the planet Pachter, at the center of various conflicts and intrigues, with a scenario that promises to be massive and post-apocalyptic at scale.

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the The fight between the mechanisms It is dynamic and offers long or short range battles, with the possibility of using different types of weapons and equipment that change the style and approach of the battle, including “melee” gadgets such as armor and more. Much attention will be given, as in the previous chapters, to building and customizing the machine, which can be modified and made to evolve in different ways according to tastes in terms of approach to battle.

As reported, the images show some snowy environments and very different types of mechanisms, among which are those that are bosses to be defeated. This isn’t the first time a possible return of Armored Core has been talked about, considering that even Hidetaka Miyazaki himself has talked about it, but it was 2018.

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