Home science Space 4.0, a cyanotype children’s laboratory in progress

Space 4.0, a cyanotype children’s laboratory in progress

Space 4.0, a cyanotype children’s laboratory in progress

Cyanotypeancient photographic printing technology, up to Spazio4.0 starting from Wednesday, May 11, Workshop established by “Tank”For children and adolescents aged 6 to 17 years.

The procedure is simple and fun and therefore also suitable for the little ones. This special technique, dating back to 1842, uses sunlight and iron salts to create photographic prints featuring a special Prussian blue. The course has been designed and will be carried out by Nicoletta Novara, Founder of Tank, who also organizes photography courses for young people dedicated to development and typography in a darkroom in Spazio4.0. The Cyanotype lab will be divided into two lessons of one and a half hours each, with a choice of Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday afternoons. All materials for cyanotype printing will be provided by the teacher, and very young photographers only need attention and imagination.

The Cyanotype Laboratory is part of Tank’s “mission” which is, first and foremost, to get young people passionate about photography so that they discover a much more useful tool for expressing themselves through slow motion and manual photography than they are now. Get used to it today. . A picture of made and done together, where error is part of the game and not synonymous with defeat, but only part of the creative process that leads young people to find their own style.

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