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A Dangerous Discovery, As We Care – Libero Quotidiano

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the varante Omicron It remains a mystery to scientists. So far, researchers have been able to show that the new Covid mutation has a greater effect on the bronchi than on the lungs, but the symptoms are still unclear. Tim Spector, The chief scientist at the Zoe app (busy tracking virus symptoms) showed that most infected people no longer suffer from persistent cough, fever, and loss of smell and taste. “Overall – said Professor Spector – what we’re seeing now is that most people who test positive for molecular smears actually have cold-like symptoms and They do not have the classic trinity which we used to before.”

So what has emerged is a case of milder symptoms than many people It looks like a bad cold. Omicron’s symptoms would not have much to do with delta symptoms. And there would be no need for reassurance, because the absence of “certain” signals leads people to be unaware of finding positive Covid, and thus increases its transmission.

“People can no longer wait until they experience a loss of taste and smell, or a persistent cough, to take a tampon. It is essential not to underestimate symptoms such as the common cold, or simple headacheBecause more than 50 percent of people who do not have the classic symptoms of Covid remain positive. There is reassurance, however: “Nearly all patients improved after about five days. “Not only that, because most of them are in the younger age group who are less likely to be hospitalized.

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