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A celebration of science: many educational workshops with ENEA and INFN

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Published: Friday, April 22, 2022 – Editorial Team

FRASCATI (Events) – thanks to the SUSA Smart Sustainable Urban District, it will be possible to implement a development project for a science and knowledge specialist area in Castelli – ​​Press release

Two years dedicated to scientific projects of innovative and high technological impact, which will contribute to the advancement of research and the dissemination of scientific culture in the region between the VI municipality of the metropolitan city of Rome and the region of Castelli Romani, in particular the region Frascati Municipality.

vinalia2 ilmamilio

Centrosportivo 2 Frascati El Emilio Hills

All this is made possible thanks to SUSA – a sustainable smart urban areaa network made up of University of Rome “Tor Vergata”research bodies CNRAnd AENEASAnd INAF And INFNwhich with Rome the capital – the sixth municipality And Frascati Municipality They have set themselves the goal of implementing a project to develop a specialized field of science and knowledge, with the potential, among the various initiatives, to provide a program for the implementation of the European Urban Agenda.

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“The idea of ​​making the territory an element of reference – taking into account geographical diversity – was born and developed thanks to the MUR and the network created with partner bodies, the SUSA project is to prove that for the purposes of regional planning is it possible to change the planning culture in consideration of the limits dictated by sustainability”, he says Maria Prezioso, Project Coordinator and Professor of Economic and Political Geography at “Tor Vergata”.

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Several infrastructures were built as part of the project, including HoloStage, the holographic theater of the Astronomical Observatory of Rome on the site of Monte Porzio Catone, educational trails established by ENEA and INFN On different research topics, creation of a laboratory opened by ENEA to enhance the archaeological park in Gabii and strengthen CHOSE, the CNR’s organic solar pole.

Genzano mother yeast

next one April 27 The closing of SUSA activities for Frascati, ENEA and INFN will be celebrated; On this occasion, the Municipality of Frascati has made available the space for the Walls of Valadier, a cultural facility of historical and social value, in particular used since 2016 to host the activities of the European Scholars Night.

“As management, we are very pleased to collaborate on the SUSA project, which is specifically designed for the development of the Tuscolana research area, one of the largest research areas in Europe, which sees the participation of thousands of researchers daily – and declares Mayor of Frascati Francesca Spardella -. Thanks to the participation of Professor Maria Brizioso and the President of Frascati Scienza Matteo Martini, on Wednesday 27 April the closing ceremony of the activities of the SUSA for the Frascati Municipality, ENEA and INFN will be held in the Valadier Walls, a space specially renovated for the event.”

In fact, the space was recently renovated and on the occasion of the celebration, it will be inaugurated by a day dedicated to the dissemination of science and science, organized by SUSA, the Municipality of Frascati, INFN and ENEA.

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The day will start at 9:30 with a press point for the inauguration of the Mura del Valadier space, in the presence of local research institutions and bodies. Then there will be a round table dedicated to the results of the SUSA project. At the same time there will be Flag in celebrationthe sub-event dedicated to scientific publishing, organized in collaboration withFrascati . Science AssociationWhich provides many scientific laboratories for schools. Public participation in all activities is free, but for the respect and safety of all, a reservation is required on the appropriate page.

For the first time, again in the afternoon, there will be an information meeting for the public in Tokamak Transformer Test (DTT), a pilot facility under construction at the ENEA Research Center in Frascati, has been promoted by ENEA, Eni, CNR, INFN, RFX, CREATE Consortia, Turin Polytechnic, Tor Vergata, Tuscia and Milano Bicocca University of Rome. The project aims to create an experimental machine that should respond to some of the most complex nodes on the path of nuclear fusion. For information and reservations

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