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A blizzard paralyzes Canada, killing 2 and a million people without electricity

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Two people died and more than a million were left without power in the last few hours after one Blizzard It affected the two most populous provinces in CanadaIt was accompanied by freezing rain and strong winds that toppled trees and damaged power lines.

Widespread power outages affected an estimated one million people Quebec And about 110 thousand inches OntarioAccording to “Montreal is destroyed“but the situation”under controlQuebec Minister of Economy and Energy Pierre Fitzgibbon said.

Blizzard in Canada, ‘a very difficult time’

The weather warning was lifted, but authorities called for caution, warning people to stay away from downed power lines and to avoid walking in wooded areas where trees weighed down by snow could fall. One of the victims is an Ontario native who was killed by a falling tree. The other victim, a 60-year-old man, was crushed by a branch he was trying to cut in the backyard of his home, about 60kamp west of Montreal.

Quebec has suffered its biggest power outage since the ice storm of 1998, when the province was in shambles for weeks. “It is a very difficult time for the people of Montreal, for the people of the area who have been affected by this ice storm,Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said.

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