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9 things we bought in August

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Wish List It’s the monthly column in which we talk about editors’ personal purchases online, and suggest items we’ve tried ourselves, and that we feel good about recommending.

two cups
As a gift, my editor bought two cups of toilet paper (the photo-only magazine by artist Maurizio Cattelan and photographer Pierpaolo Ferrari) for Celiti. The cup is decorated with small hands each holding lipstick in their fingers. The editor says the mugs “come in a little box that has its own reason”. one cup It costs 19 euroson amazon.

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charging station
The developer of The Post bought a charging station because, he explains, “I needed one place to charge both the iPhone and AirPods.” What looks like a mirror is actually the part that the phone has to stick to when charging (Here we understand better). In order to use it, iPhone must be compatible with MagSafe power supplies and AirPods must be 3rd generation. charging station 70 euros on amazon.

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Electric Dust Remover
The developer of The Post also bought an “air blower”, or rather: an electric dust remover. “I needed a tool to clean dust from computer components and LEGO sets. It doesn’t absorb dust, it’s simply compressed air that allows you to remove it where you can’t reach it. It’s also a more environmentally friendly option since I used to use spray cans before.” It costs 75 euroson amazon.

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rotary salad
checker – else – He bought a salad juicer because, rightly, he decided it was time to say enough “for salads in bags, which taste like nothing.” It’s extra large, and stays put on top while moving and without the basket can be used directly as a salad bowl. It can also be washed in the dishwasher It costs 18 euros on Amazon.

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A novel that can satisfy many
Editor bought and read trust Written by Hernán Diaz, about whom he says “It is a good entertaining novel, suitable for many people: I took it to my mother, I took it to the sea, he read it in two days and then I brought it home and read it (in three days) ». The editor says it is one of those exciting stories where it intertwines Some riddles, and it is good to read them without knowing anything else. The editor’s mother suggests not to read the back cover. It is priced at 19 euros or a little less on amazonAnd the Irritable Bowel SyndromeAnd the book dealer.

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snow dog
One editor bought a stuffed dog that looked like her real dog as a gift for another editor’s one-year-old daughter. The second editor says the gift was so much appreciated, that she replaced it otter breathing At the heart of its very small owner. At first he saw the first editor this is On sale from IKEA, but then chose this iswhich costs 19 euros on Amazon.

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Things to do yoga
A Post employee bought a yoga set consisting of two blocks and a strap: “They’re cheap and the sponge cubes are pretty big, with rounded corners, which helps with some yoga poses”: she says they’re also ‘too light to carry if you use it outside, and the strap does its job well,’ she says. without slipping. they cost 16 euros on Amazon.

book about ireland
The same employee at the newspaper also bought a book “I’ve been chasing for a while”: it is in Ireland. land of dreamers by Hans Tosi. It confirms what I read on the back cover, which is “Not a classic travel guide, but a declaration of love.” For those who are not familiar with the author, to make the genre understand, he usually cites some titles from Chapter 1 as In Dublin on Boca Wings or Seals as spare wheels or How to cut the arc of the Dublin Bay Circle exactly in half. found it in 27 euros on Amazon.

cotton bag
Before leaving on a trip, an editor bought a sleeping bag, which is useful and often mandatory when sleeping in hostels or rather simple structures that provide beds with pillows and blankets but no sheets. Apparently she wasn’t the only one she needed in August, for cotton at Decathlon was unavailable and made only of silk – for her it was too expensive – or synthetic fabric, which she feared would make her sweat. Eventually I found this on Amazon from Ferrino, and it’s cotton and It costs 22 euros.

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