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71-year-old prince, former AfD deputy and former SS members: who were the Reichsburgs who were preparing for the coup in Germany

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Reichsburger (Citizens of the Reich), but also introduce themselves as Germaniten or statinlosin (Germans or stateless people). It is the movement, already known for at least eleven years, in the center The Maxi raid was carried out this morning in Germany to thwart a plan to attack the Bundestag to seize power in a coup d’état.. A variety of Dissatisfiedwith Solid anchored in truly Intense. They do not recognize the authority of the present German nation-state and refer to its predecessors within boundaries 1937 or who 1871. This phenomenon seems to be more widespread east Where even today layers of the population have lost their luxury Ex Gdrthey think losers Since the unification of Germany.

Reichsburger movement heterogeneity
to me Verfassungschutz In 2021 it was “Reichsburger” or “Selbstverwalter” 21 thousand (a thousand more in 2020) throughout Germany, including 1150that is, about 5%, open Right-wing extremists. The potential for violence is attributed to Johar 2100 People. In addition to stated reviewers And the Neo-Nazis tout court, among the Reichsbürger there are also debtors who refuse to pay taxes or alimony after divorces, and return their identity documents to exchange for others without the value legalyou want a supposed revival Germans Reich or one Prussian Free Stateor again from the Bavarian and Prussian Federal State, or other somewhat fanciful abbreviations.
However, followers of the movement have led to more cases associated with it Possession of weapons. to me Georgesmund in October 2016 Wolfgang plan (49 years old) killed the first person. It had to be pulled More than 30 weapons (which, moreover, he was able to purchase legally) but he had already shot through the still closed door of the house, killing one person. agent Three others were injured. He was sentenced to life in prison 2017Throughout the proceedings, he gave the impression of not being recognized by the court. In April 2022 at Boksburg (Baden-Württemberg) An arsenal was found. The officers entered into a plot to seize a weapon but were wounded Automatic shots From the war, while the house went to Fire.

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The quantum leap with the plan to kidnap the Minister of Health
already in Walk The Secret services They got wind of making plans ruined. In April 2022 at the Arms Recall meeting at Rhineland-Palatinate I stumbled first arrests who discovered the Reichsburger cell. I “Patriots CollectedThey wanted to cause a situation war civilAnd blowing up power lines and kidnapping the minister Carl Lauterbach (Social Democratic Party) killed his escort. Four were arrested and added to the alleged ideological mastermind, the 75-year-old former teacher, in October. Elizabeth R. That he was in contact with the cell that was dismantled today, but was going to act independently.
More than 50 of them are suspected today 25 arrestedAnd according to the prosecutor’s office, they have been preparing concretely since then November 2021 to cause a fall condition. group, whose circle of supporters may still be much widerexceeding the danger levels imaginable so far because it has reached several levels Ex-police and military men affiliate special forces KSK extension They are trained to fight legally Possession of weaponsBeside Rule. With a similar strategy, they would have gone so far as to invade Reichstagstate Government And take Energy.

Prince and former deputy (who is a judge in Berlin)
Former deputy’s support AfD Birgit Malsack-Winkmannthe current judge in Berlin, may be holding a Function a keyBecause as a former deputy, she had access to… Parliament. The D.C. justice senator had already questioned her loyalty to the Constitution and had requested that she be taken into early retirement, but the request in October was denied. In the group is not only the Reichsburger, but also followers QAnon who think that the government is a puppet and there “deep countryPrivate name mentioned Alex K. who runs one Telegram channels The most important thing is to give you a voice in Germany. Among the suspects also appears the figure Vitalia b.a Russian national who was to remain in contact with the Russian Federation on behalf of the applicant future guardian, The 71-year-old prince Heinrich Roche XIII. Independent financial advisor in Frankfurt am Main, Reuβ He had already appeared for his theses close to the Reichsbürger that the Federal Republic of Germany is not a sovereign state but is always under the control of allies. He is the owner of Thuringia from U.S fort from hunting to Bad Laubenstein Where multiple conspiratorial meetings will take place.

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Support for ex-soldiers and policemen
It would have ensured a system of “national defense companies” throughout Germany new request under the care of Rudiger von b.the former commander of the battalion paratroopers 251 Then it was transferred to the KSK Special Forces Command, exempted from the military for its possession Stolen weapons affiliate National Folkarmey affiliate Dr. Another ex-soldier in the group mark v. h. KSK is on Calw’s show today Jungle survival courses will be responsible for Recruit fellow soldiers In the barracks to storm Bundestag. A former Bavarian colonel also participated, Maximilian E.who said at a demonstration against the anti-epidemic measures that it was necessary to send KSK to “do adequate cleaning In Berlin” and discussed how he appeared to give uniformed orders to a group of ancient warrior during flood relief operations Ahr Valley. Among the police officers, a name stands out Michael F.dismissed from the service in Lower Saxony to do b Nazi salute in a demonstration.

Four theses to deny the legitimacy of the BRD
The German Reich still existed
The first is that the Federal Republic of Germany (BRD) would not be the heir to the German Reich that would still exist, but be unable to exercise Authority. The idea was popularized in the 1970s by the far right Manfred Roeder. The source is a biased interpretation of a decision by German Constitutional Court affiliate 1973 which indicated that the BRD was not the legitimate successor to the German Reich adding, however, that it was a state identical till then.

With standardization BRD died
Another argument is that Brd would have failed with Reunion result of cancellationArticle 23 From the constitution that refers to the channel of national sovereignty. The article was removed because Germany no longer wanted to assert territorial rights in Poland and for example czbut the validity of state sovereignty for a unified nation is indicated in both German Reunification Treaty it in Preamble from the Constitutional Charter.

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The United Nations recognizes self-determination
Another argument used by Reichsbürger is that A.A peace treaty With allies and so the BRD is always one Colonyunwilling to admit that the contract on the final rules relating to Germany replacing peace treaty. They are still claiming rights Self-determination Introduction of United nations By resolution A/RES/56/83, it fails to mention that in order to form a new nation, they must be able to show off a strong ranking in the territory.

Germany is a company, not a country
Finally, there are those who think Germany is a company: Brd GmbH. The bizarre thesis is based on the actual existence of a federal agency, the Bundesrepublik Deutschland Finanzagentur GmbH, which deals with openings credit And the religion of the nation.

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