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30 years ago, Beauty and the Beast was shown in Italian cinemas

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Exactly 30 years ago, it was December 2, 1992. Beauty and the Beast was released in Italian cinemas exactly one year after the American boom and 9 months after the Oscar triumph, becoming the first Italian box office of the year ahead of Basic Instict. Because at the time it was common practice to have to wait a year to see Disney animated classics at the cinema. Even Aladdin, which was released in America for Christmas 1992, only arrived in Italy at Christmas 1993.
30 Disney Classics Beauty and the beast It was the second unusual piece of the “Disney renaissance” that began the little Mermaid, In 1989, after a decade of failures. Directed by Gary Trousdale and Kirk Wise. Beauty and the beast It made cinema history as the first animated film to be nominated for an Academy Award for Best Picture (and at the time only 5 were nominated). Unhappy, another 5 nominations for Best Original Score, Best Sound Editing and three nominations for his songs reached. He ended up winning two autographs Alan MenckenFor Best Original Score and Best Song, Beauty and the beastsung by Celine Dion and Bebeau Bryson in the latter duet. Beauty and the beast, an extraordinary example of how Broadway can turn into pure animation, also won 3 Golden Globe Awards, or Best Motion Picture Comedy/Musical (1st ever animated feature film. The Lion King and Toy Story 2 also performed this feat) Original Song , as well as dozens of other global awards, including Grammys. At a cost of $25 million, it grossed 248,802,521 worldwide, instantly becoming an absolute cult hit.

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to sing Beauty and the beast In the movie was the unforgettable Angela Lansbury in English and Issa DiMarzio In Italian, with Gino Paoli and Amanda Sandrelli Radio version sounds. 30 years later, Beauty and the Beast remains one of Disney’s irreplaceable masterpieces, as that romantic dance-off went down in history as the first attempt by a Disney classic to create a 3D animated wallpaper.

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