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6 mistakes that, according to science, are making us age prematurely

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Nobody likes to see the years pass faster on their faces and feel their physical prowess fail before you do. That’s why we are always looking for tricks, home remedies, products and exercises that can help us Slower proces aging To maintain a young and healthy appearance. But the problem is that we tend to forget that it’s not just about finding helpful treatments. We should also avoid adopting harmful lifestyles that can make us look older than we really are. from HarvardFor example, there is evidence to add more fruits and vegetables to our daily diet as they are foods that help slow down aging. In addition to this now classic warning, the studies and advice of doctors must be taken into account, convinced that we must not only worry about eating the right foods, but at the same time it is necessary to determine what can achieve the opposite effect by preventing us from looking at the younger man. – Getting old.

experts memorial careBased on various scientific studies, we have identified the existence of certain daily habits and vices that we often underestimate their negative power, and they are partly a cause of premature aging because they make us have more wrinkles, graying and all the scary goodbye signs of youth. We know what to do, to protect ourselves from the sun when it’s cloudy and how to feed ourselves, but we must learn to recognize immediately what not to do.

Why do we age faster?

Are you aging faster?


Too much sun exposure

The idea of ​​basking in the sun on the beach or on a nice balcony sounds perfect, but you need to be careful. Tanning makes us look younger, but the sun often causes skin damage that can leave it spots and create wrinkles, as well as increase the chances of some cancers. “Sunlight is not good for the skin,” Yale Medicine explains. “In the short term, the worst damage is a classic, painful sunburn.” “Even if we don’t get burned, don’t ignore the long-term consequences. The sun causes premature skin aging. It’s a process called skin aging, and in the worst cases, it can lead to skin cancer.” How do we avoid the negative effects of sunlight? Sun exposure is possible if we learn how to apply good sunscreen to every layer of exposed skin.

Consume sugary foods and drinks

Foods that contain a lot of sugar are among the risk factors for developing diabetes, which negatively affects the appearance of the skin and increases weight. science daily Researchers’ work reports from University of California San Francisco who found that “the consumption of sweetened soft drinks, in addition to being a cause of obesity, is detrimental to health. Regular consumption of sugary soft drinks can influence the development of metabolic diseases by accelerating the aging of cells.” Sugar is certainly not a positive factor for the metabolism, and it is also harmful when we take it with drinks and in the form of food.

don’t exercise

Some still believe that not following a regular exercise program has no negative consequences, however, it is good to know that inactivity affects our flexibility, mobility, strength and physical appearance, especially as we get older. In addition, there are now many studies that show how physical exercise can make our skin more beautiful and healthy.

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