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6.5″ FHD display and lightning-fast speed: POCO M3 Pro 5G at an amazing price

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on me Amazon There is something excellent for granted LITTLE M3 Pro 5Gwith a size of 6GB-128GB, which You can buy for only 219 euros With fast and free shipping. This smartphone is a mid-range product Mainly intended for entertainment And designed for young people. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t fit every type of user profile. It is powered by 7nm MediaTek Dimensity 700 processor, 5G, a Displays 90 Hz With DynamicSwitch, thanks 5g double chip It allows you to always have it available All 5G speed.

POCO M3 Pro 5G Cool BlueHuge Amazon discount

With 90Hz screen, 6.5 FHD +The POCO M3 Pro 5G delivers a very smooth and fast experience. The POCO M3 Pro 5G also has another upgrade over the POCO M3, going from Dot Drop to DotDisplay. DynamicSwitch It allows the display to change automatically between 90Hz and 60Hz and 50Hz and 30Hz, allowing it to adapt to contents while saving energy. Dual SIM 5G provides an always-on 5G network, so you can connect to it Two 5G networks different without having to physically replace the SIM cards, adapting to the network environment in the future.

the The advantages of the fast 5G network Exceeding download and upload speeds, high-quality videos and more responsive games. Also, speed and lower latency improve capacity in densely populated areas with 5G. there Reading Mode 3.0 An improved paper texture mode reduces eye strain, while the new Dual environmental sensor Front and back, it ensures 360-degree light recognition, allowing for more natural lighting adjustment. the smart phones It also hosts a system cameras From all aspects. Equipped with a macro and depth lens.

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To complete a truly flawless image of any kind, a Modern and slim design, with a unique 3D curved back detail that makes it really stylish. But it turns out to be more elegant thanks to its 91% screen to body ratio that ensures an immersive experience and a sense of total enjoyment of all the entertainment content. Go up Amazon And make it yours for €219. But hurry, becauseThe offer ends in a few hours.

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