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“Accepts Sony requests without proper investigation” –

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In the documents sent by Microsoft to CMA, orBritish Antitrust which is investigating the acquisition of Activision Blizzard, the Redmond House has directly criticized UK antitrust, claiming that Accepts Sony requests without adequate investigations And without assessing the position of consumers on the issue.

As we have seen, in its defense documents, Microsoft judges Sony’s concerns about the future of Call of Duty in particular as unmotivated, also given the ability of this to publish exclusivity, but among the data there is also a broad aspect clearly directed at the CMA, guilty of accepting requests for Sony without delving into why, and in essence, to Desire to protect the market leader position More than just seeing the potential impact on consumers.

“These theories about the harm he might suffer are not sufficient to justify a move to Phase Two,” Microsoft wrote, referring to the fact that the CMA had recently moved to a Phase Two investigation, which includes a more in-depth analysis of the situation. that it could have been, according to the company, motivated by unfounded concerns on the part of Sony.

“The notion that the market leader, with clear and lasting power over this matter, could be stifled by a third console manufacturer as a result of not having free access to a single game, is not credible,” the documents read. ‚ÄúSony may not gladly accept increased competition, but He has the ability to adapt and competeMicrosoft says.

According to the Xbox House, “Sony is not in danger of virtual throttling and the indictment is incorrectly based solely on Sony’s allegations, which greatly exaggerate the importance of Call of Duty and lack a clear demonstration of Sony’s competitiveness.” Furthermore, statements were made by “video game industry commentators” where it was noted that the CMA’s motive appeared “written as if it wanted to protect Sony’s dominant position in the video game market”.

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