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Tonight in Rai1, the documentary on the life of the captain of Rome

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Directed by Alex Infascelli, the voice of Francesco Totti tells the documentary about his private and professional life.

go on air Tonight the 24th of July on me Rai 1 at 21:25 in first view Documentary My name is Francesco Tottisigned by Alex Invasili Taken from the autobiography captainwritten by Francesco Totti with Paulo Kondo. As we all remember, it was the sunset moment in football for the champion of Rome on the evening of May 27, 2017. In the middle of the Olympic stadium, there is a man with his face covered with a hoodie. He is alone. But here, in the middle of the field and under the southern curve, this man has represented Roma at his best and for more than twenty years. It’s the captain Francesco Totti, who decided on the eve of the farewell party to speak of himself with a bare face, in an intimate and spontaneous manner. So the docufilm starts from Alex Invasili which received in 2021 silver ribbon for real cinema and David from Donatello Best Documentary.

My name is Francesco Totti: What the documentary says about the captain

An extraordinarily talented player, who has gone down in football history, reveals himself through his voice by telling him about his personal choices, the relationship with his city, his moments of glory and defeat. The exact moment Totti leaves his career, a series of questions arise. It’s good to hear the story from the real voice of berriesas if in front of slow motion and decided to “send a little ‘n’attimo’ the movie of his life.”

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Never like this My name is Francesco TottiA tale of precious private and public photographs that relive his whole life. Childhood, family, sixteen debut in leaguemajor sports institutions: victory Rome’s third title in 2001and two Italian cups and two Italian cups, was 2006 World Cup. The love of life, its first meeting, then marriage Elari Placethese days in the news to announce the breakup after twenty years together and three adorable kids: ChristianAnd the Chanel And the Isabelle. You’ll see in the photos of Francesco’s super family of eight as a child, not sure how to walk, at a year and a half kicking his first kick into a ball on Torvajanica Beach.

As an adult, he returns to his childhood places, in the primary school in the Abeo Latino region, where at the age of six he reveals his talent when the older children finally let him play “ducks”. Among the various aspects at the heart of the documentary is also the Captain’s relationship with the city of his heart in which he decided to reside, He refused in 2004 an amazing contract with Real Madrid. And in return for his loyalty, Rome – he played for 25 years, all his career, in the Giallorossi shirt, betrayed only for the blue jersey of the national team – loved him with passionate love and filled his stadium, the Olympic stadium to salute the “Eighth King of Rome”. The docufilm is a production of The Apartment and Wildside with Capri Entertainment and Fremantle, with Vision Distribution and Rai Cinema, in association with Sky and Amazon Prime Video. Subject and text by Alex Invasili And the Vincenzo Scochimara.
less Trailer My Name is Francesco Totti.

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