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5 Iconic Movies Celebrating the New Year

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Who wants to wait until midnight on December 31st? watching a moviecan choose a themed story: any story in which the film’s characters also find themselves Celebrate the new year. There’s no shortage of movies of this kind, of course, and they know how to bring an ever-changing nuance to this celebration: sometimes the last day of the year is the scene of breathtaking adventure, other times romantic love, and other times heartwarming. Times of grudges and quarrels.

Here are some titles New years eve movies to watch online.

New Years in New York

The setting is already clear from the title. New Years in New York2011 movie with Robert De NiroTelling, Katherine Heigl and Ashton Kutcher, the stories of some strangers who hook up on the last party night of the year in the Big Apple. We talk about love, hope, forgiveness and second chances: perfect for those who want to welcome 2022 with a smile on their lips. The movie is available on + Apple TV.

Snake relatives

above Dailymotion over there Snake relativesdirected by Mario Monicelli and released in 1992. In this dark comedy during New Year’s Eve It is the height of irony and fun: the viewing is especially recommended for those who are allergic to parties and forced reunions with relatives.

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Harry meets Sally

over there New Year’s Eve It might be a good time to revisit this great classic, which was released in 1989 and is now available for streaming. TIM Vision and Apple TV + And the Head of the videos. In fact, the last night of the year, even if it’s not exactly in the plot mode, plays a special role in the story, as fans of this movie are well aware of.

Let’s not get off

Available on kilo And the + Apple TV, this is romantic comedy Taken from a book Nick Hornby He talks about four strangers during New Year’s EveThey meet at the top of a skyscraper in London with the idea of ​​throwing themselves off. Seeing this private and absurd encounter, the four decide to temporarily desist from intent and make an agreement: none of them will commit suicide for six weeks. So the date is Valentine’s night on the same skyscraper.

Last New Year’s Eve

Directed by Marco Risi and based on the story by Niccolò Omanetti, this 1998 film can be seen currently on Youtube And the kilo. Also in the cast are Monica Bellucci, Claudio Santamaria, Ricky Memphis, and Pepe Fiorello. over there Dramatic comedyWhich the director decided to withdraw after only three days of its release in cinemas because, in his opinion, it was not properly promoted, as it is made up of a series of ugly episodes that were all prepared during new years.

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