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5 cats take satellite food by blocking internet connection

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A resident of a Canadian village has complained that cats have occupied his Starling satellite diet provided by Elon Musk’s SpaceX. Because of this, the person had trouble connecting to the Internet.

Canadian Aaron Taylor lives in the village of Kenneston in Saskatchewan and accesses the Internet through a satellite dish installed in his backyard. The Canadian kept that character on the floor while he was renovating the roof of his house.

The deck is positioned almost vertically and heats up automatically to prevent snow and ice from interfering with the web.

Five cats live in Taylor’s yard. Man built a special house for them with heat, water and food, but the animals like to warm themselves in Elon Musk’s device at minus 25 degrees. Five people climb on the plate and use it as a warm bed.

Because of this, Taylor’s Internet almost stopped working.

A Canadian took a photo of the people there and posted the picture on Twitter. The post soon became popular.

Taylor’s followers jokingly called the situation “a CAT5 vulnerability.” As a result, the Canadian’s tweet was noticed and praised by Elon Musk, who kept his personal preference.

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