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$44 billion deal with Elon Musk

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The two sides worked all night to reach an understanding. Waiting for the deal was issued by The Wall Street Journal A few hours before the final announcement. At the same time, Musk tweeted: “I hope even my worst critics stay on Twitter, because that’s what free speech is.”

“I want to improve Twitter with new features by making algorithms open source to increase trust, defeat spam bots and authenticate all users,” said Elon Musk. The platform “has huge potential and I look forward to working with the company and the user community to unlock this potential.”

With the acquisition of Twitter, the world’s richest man has got his hands on one of the most influential social networks, promising to make it the platform for freedom of expression par excellence. A platform on which many Republicans hope to soon find Donald Trump, fired after the attack on Congress on January 6, and be able to count on a new ally in the cultural battle that has been unleashed in several states, and in particular in Florida under the leadership. Aspiring White House Governor Ron DeSantis.

However, Musk’s control of the platform infuriates many observers. There are those who fear that Twitter, with the Tesla chief in charge, is turning into a “hate arena”. Others believe that his “against censorship” crusade will not solve the problems that have plagued social media for years. Musk has not yet made clear what he will do. In addition to wanting to write off the company, the Tesla boss did not disclose his moves, saying only that Twitter needs to “change” and that it should rely on an open source algorithm.

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What kind of leadership he intends to inspire is not clear, although in recent tweets he appears to be hinting that his role model will not be Bill Gates. In fact, the Microsoft founder recently ended up in the crosshairs of Musk who mocked him for betting against Tesla, all the while portraying himself as a champion in the fight against climate change. Even Twitter employees are concerned about the visionary billionaire’s desire to dismantle its content-modification policies and, above all, the desire to move forward with delisting the company by removing it from the public spotlight, and questioning the impact that Musk will have. on society, and Musk was left free as to how to proceed.

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