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3rd Football Logistics Center 3rd Assessment Report does not issue the sentence: ‘A lack of attention has occurred’

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football. On the expansion of logistics in the municipality of Calcio, many comments have been received from residents and Legambiente clubs in Bergamo. The only person who did not express an opinion was the third assessment report of Brescia, which, according to the ruling of 13 April, found “significant lack of interest” and therefore did not rule on the appeal against the province of Bergamo for its exclusion from the EIA (VIA) procedure for the Logistics Hub project The third for Calcio, the sixth in the so-called “logistical quartet”.

Therefore, the court ruling does not contain a ruling and does not prove the winning and losing parties. Therefore, there is still regret for the citizens who, after a year of waiting for their appeal, were hoping for a court ruling. To avoid punishment, it was enough for the construction company to submit a new project last February, which was quickly accepted by the municipality of Calcio, to replace the original one.

Legambiante believes that economic development cannot be at the expense of quality of life and limited soil resources – confirms it Elena Ferrari, President of Legambiente Bergamo -. To ensure the sustainability of a new settlement, it is necessary to take at least a quick snapshot of the starting state, and to assess the various impacts, which are often already critical in a complex and now urban area such as the Bergamo region. If our province closes its eyes on aspects such as energy and emissions neutrality, mobility, soil fertility, climate impacts, tourism attractiveness, economic migration, and health protection, it ignores the most important costs of new settlements. It gives up asking or imposing what is necessary. compensation. Thus, in addition to supporting the vitality of the territory, the road will be an effective tool to prevent the growth of public spending. ”

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In the period between the filing of the appeal and the final rulings in the TAR, the province of Bergamo also changed its initial opinion. For the first time in September 2021 during a speech at the Service Conference in the municipality of Calcio, the Via Tasso body recommended the adoption of an EIA for the project. For the second time, in its notes on the new project presented in the same municipality on February 14, 2022, it even invoked the obligation to move forward with a road based on the provisions of Regional Law 5/2015 requiring this assessment of logistics settlements spanning over 30 thousand square metres.

He confirms that the new project covers an area of ​​48 thousand square meters Paulo Valbo, Legambiente club president Oglio Serio – but remains vague as to its intended use, and thus escapes the EIA obligation. But this obligation will be automatic if the logistics destination is clarified. This indicates the correctness of the applicants’ reasons, since the original project was express logistics and intended for 58 thousand square meters. Moreover – continues Valbo – the provision of the Brescia TAR arrived one year after the appeal was filed, causing significant economic waste. As for legal costs, at least 12 thousand euros went to smoke, 6 thousand euros were collected by the citizens of the whole county, and it is assumed that the county spends at least no less than that from the public. The delay in starting works cost the construction company about 40,000 euros per day, according to a statement issued by the company. How much would an EIA cost, and who would have avoided all of this? 10 thousand euros added to the construction company and 4 months of time. In economic terms, this is called the absence of economic rationality. We hope that the new administration of the Territory will represent a decisive change of pace, and a reassessment of procedures through which is the only administrative tool remaining to administer the Territory with due reasonableness.”

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