September 21, 2023

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31 seconds to test yourself – Libero Quotidiano

31 seconds to test yourself – Libero Quotidiano

We are here to fight Yet another riddlesuggested by daily Mail and re-launched by Dagosbyawhich reads: “You will need all your attention to locate the turtle in this underwater search and find puzzle.”

The puzzle in question was created by Sustainable Trade Platform TeemillWhich created the puzzle to raise awareness of water pollution from industrial waste, specifically that from the fashion industry which accounts for 20% of global marine pollution.

The point is, the eastern Pacific turtles will be gone within 60 years. We understand why it is difficult to identify the animal in question in the puzzle. The rules are strict then: there are only 31 seconds to solve the puzzle and find the turtles between them Plastic bags, cutlery, and other seabed dwellers.

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