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2024/25 edition of the Confederations Cup

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FIFA has formalized the dates and composition of the groups for the 2024/25 edition of the Confederations Cup.

The 27th edition will start on September 20, with the first round taking place in Bulgaria (Group A) and Estonia (Group B): Irbis Skate will host Serbian Red Star, Croat Sisak and Belgian Ligi Bulldogs. In the Baltic country, Narva plays in the qualifiers against the Spanish team Jaka, the Icelandic Skotavillaj, and the Lithuanian Energia.
A month later, Italy enters the scene represented by the Italian champions of Renon, who will receive in Colalbo, from the third group, the Slovenians from Yesenice, the Ukrainians from Sokel Kyiv and the finalist from the first group. The confrontation will be between the Romanians Corona Brasov (the host), the Latvian Mojo, and the Hungarians Ferencvarosi, the qualifying team from Group Two.
However, from November 15 to 17, semi-final groups will be played: Zilina organizes Group E completed by Kazakhstan from Arlan, the British from Cardiff Devils and qualifying Group C. Group E has been assigned to the Danes from Aalborg Pirates, with Poland’s Katowice, France’s Grenoble Proleur de Loups, and Group D qualifiers competing against them.
The top two teams in each group qualify for the Super Finals scheduled from January 16 to 19, 2025.

First round (September 20-22, 2024)
The first group (Sofia – Bulgaria)
Airbis Skate Sofia (POL) – Red Star (Serbia) – Liège Bulldogs (Belgium) – Sisak (Crewe)
The second group (in Narva – Estonia)
PSK Narva (East) – Skoutavillage Reykjavikur (Island) – Jaca (Spain) – Energia (Ltu)

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Second round (October 18-20, 2023)
The third group (in Collalbo – Italy)
Ritner Boam (Italy) – Jesenice (Slo) – Sokel Kyiv (Ukraine) – Group 1 qualifiers
Group D (in Brasov – Romania)
Corona Brasov (Roma) – Mogo (Latat) – Ferencvarosi TC (Hon) – Second qualifying group

Third round (November 15-17, 2023)
Group Five (in Zilina – Slovakia)
Velsi Zilina (SVK) – Cardiff Devils (UK) – Arlan (Kazakhstan) – third group qualifier
Group Six (in Aalborg – Denmark)
Aalborg Pirates (Denker) – GKS Katowice (Bologna) – Les Proleurs de Loup Grenoble (France) – Qualifying Group D

Final Four (January 16-19, 2024)
Location to be determined
The first two places are in groups E and F

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