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14-minute video of the state of play on March 17, 2022 –

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After a long wait, it’s finally time to see a file gameplay video to Hogwarts Legacy, the new game that takes place in the world of Harry Potter. The footage was shared by Sony PlayStation and Warner Bros. During State of play on March 17, 2022. The game was recorded in the PS5 version. It will be published in late 2022.

We are a new student who has the ability to interact with an old magic and will have to because that old magic is back. We were told that we could be part of any of the four Hogwarts houses and we could create the character freely. Obviously, we will have to follow the lessons, such as potions, herbology, transfiguration, defense against the dark arts, and more.

We may also Explore Hogwarts between one lesson and another. We will find secret passages and dungeons. There will also be puzzles that must be solved using custom spells. Plus, there’ll be no shortage of featured places from books we’ve never explored in games, like the kitchens of the elves or the governor’s bathroom. We’re in the past, so we won’t meet the well-known characters, but there will be no shortage of school ghosts.

We’ll also have to clash with the gods Rebellious Orcs and Dark Wizards, who will be allies in the Hogwarts Legacy. There will be multiple spells known to fans to use to interact with the environment and fight: there will be ways to attack and damage, but also repel strikes, counterattack and enchant enemies to repel them. Obviously, we’ll be able to withstand the same spells. Each enemy will have certain weaknesses in certain items and certain types of magic.

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We will be able to complete Missions and challenges Hogwarts Legacy To enhance our character, also focus on specific spells and choose our style of game. We will also be able to create potions and upgrade our clothing to be more resistant. Live plants, such as the mandrake, can also help us. We will also meet many magical monsters that we can save.

You will not miss the opportunity to Broom fly At Hogwarts Legacy. We may also have allies who will accompany us on missions, help us in the fight and tell us their story.

Then there will be necessities room It will give us what we need, i.e. a space to study, empower ourselves, grow plants, make potions, and more. We will also be able to create our own base.

We will also go to Hogwarts Legacy Out of school. We will be able to go to Hogsmeade where we will find the sellers, but also the enemies to defend ourselves from. The areas outside the school will also change with the change of stations. There will be a big open world with missions, villages and dangerous areas to explore.

Tell us what do you think of this offer? Did the Hogwarts Legacy video game show during the Sony PlayStation State of Play convince you, or are you still not sure about the new adventure set in the magical world of Harry Potter?

We remind you that Hogwarts Legacy will be available on PC, PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X versions | S.

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