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10,000 km with spring: spending …

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10,000 km with spring: spending …

10 thousand km with spring, paid (thanks to incentives) 11,600 euros. Leopoldo charts an initial balance: he averages 7.7 km/kWh and has spent it all…

to Leopold Anastasia

“And after 1 year and 4 months I also crossed the finish line for the first time 10,000 km Electrician with my child Dacia spring. A Spartan car by today’s standards. But definitely with everything you need to get around the city and take some trips on the highways and Short stretches on the highway.

10 thousand km with spring, I paid 11,600 euros with scrapping

In fact, I have personally traveled 30% of 10,000 km on the highway. Certainly not for long periods, but I did this way more often Rome – Fiumicino – Rome Any measurement about 80 km And I used the conditioner a lot in summer and winter. In the early days I was very keen on consumption. Not much of a survival concern At no costAnd also to convince me that I was right in buying an electric car that would have allowed me to save money and travel more comfortably. After some time, I became more and more convinced of the choice made. It must be said that the option was favored by the fact that I was able to take advantage of Government incentives for 2021. against the price list 21,400 euros + Road preparation for release Plus They let me buy it at a total price 11,600 euros. Including expenses skimming From my old Peugeot diesel.

Spend 430 euros for 10,000 km, an average of 7.7 km / kWh

I kept track of all the refills made, and the account for each one Consumption 2,000 / 3,000 km To understand the true efficiency. And now that I’ve hit 10,000km I can tell you the depreciation was average 12.9 kWh / 100 km so by saying 7.7 km per kWh. And I have I spent 430 euros using a flat rate subscription Enel X. With a thermal car capable of traveling 20 km in liters at an average cost 1.70 EUR/Liters, I would spend 850 euros for the same kilometer. I also believe that electrics are for many but not for all, particularly for those who judge electric vehicle transmission by blinkers, looking only at the drawbacks and not at the many advantages.

Many innovations have already been implemented and we will see more in the near future. Combined with research to produce renewable energy sMore efficient and less impactful, they will help us bring the pollution rate back to acceptable levels. Thank you for all the valuable information you provide.

Dacia Spring in the highway test: video by Paolo Mariano

– And here: 5000 km with spring, Piaggio’s first electric months

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