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10 Movies That Are A Blatant (And Ridiculous) Plagiarism Of The Famous Sinecomics

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In the past twenty years, cinema has radically changed the way film is made. Whether they liked each other or not, it is indisputable that they dominated the market and went on to achieve amazing results at the box office. So it’s no surprise that they are a topic sometimes Plagiarism From smaller production houses trying to achieve fame. Although in some cases we try very hard to hide the process, the intent is more than clear: to try to capture the audience’s attention by exploiting characters who have already succeeded thanks to Marvel Studios and for Warner Bros. – With DCEU. The problem with these films, however, is that they can in no way compete with the big studios. However, it cannot be denied that their terrible workmanship made them famous and that today they are considered a true cult of some. So in our gallery we propose 10 absurd plagiarisms of very famous sinecomics, so ugly that they became guilt pleasure to the public. Among these, you will probably not be surprised, there are also many films of the well-known production company seek refuge.

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