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10 Important Rules for Finding the Best Product

10 Important Rules for Finding the Best Product

Are you going to buy a vacuum cleaner and don’t know how to orient yourself between popular brands, type, accessories, power, noise, filters, price, and other characteristics? The solution depends on your needs and above all on the rate of use, as well as the size of the surface to be vacuumed. Let’s see together how to choose a vacuum cleaner: 10 important rules, cost and benefits.


Choosing a vacuum cleaner: 10 important rules, cost and benefits

Do you want to buy a New Vacuum Cleaner And you don’t know how to find your way around various models and accessories? The ideal solution depends on several Factorssuch as personal cleaning needs, the size of the house and the number of floors distributed, as well as clearly the type of floor.

Come on then see How to choose a new machine Consider all the main aspects. Everyone will happen to walk into a hardware store looking for a vacuum cleaner and literally get lost among the different models available on the market.

Don’t be shy, it’s all normal because nowadays there are so many products on the market with different properties and related accessories that we can say that they can be confusing.

How to choose a vacuum cleaner: important rules, cost and benefits between Delayed vacuum cleaners, vacuum cleaners, robotic vacuum cleaners, overhead vacuum cleaners, and other modelsWhat are you waiting for evaluate before you buy and above all The basic elements To take into account to do a lot and not regret it later.

Choosing a vacuum cleaner: 10 important rules, cost and benefits

1. Frequency of use

Choosing a vacuum cleaner: 10 important rules, cost and benefits

The first evaluation to make when buying a vacuum cleaner is your own evaluation How many times a day or week will you use it.

Now, all models on the market are suitable for frequent use, and this is true, but there is a difference if you have to clean a studio apartment or a three-story villa, including the stairs. Therefore, a Compact Vacuum Cleaner That may be enough, or you’ll have to consider a cordless and rechargeable vacuum cleaner if you have to clean once a week and there are many stairs.

2. Weight, design and structure

Choosing a vacuum cleaner: 10 important rules, cost and benefits

The second thing to totally look at is the structure. You have to check weight, range of motion or maneuverability. A high-quality product usually has a solid interlocking tube, which expands and retracts, as well as a hose. Both must be difficult.

Dimensions of this device vary by modelbut the important thing is that it is Easy to transport and not heavyOtherwise, you will have difficulty changing rooms or going up the stairs.

usually, Avoid models over 10 kg And intended for professional use. Also pay attention to the length of the cables, which can get in the way of movements and cleaning operations.

3. Suction power and watts

Choosing a vacuum cleaner: 10 important rules, cost and benefits

there Energy vacuum cleaner suction Not to be confused With the expression of electrical energy in watt. Watts refers to the machine’s power consumption, but don’t think that a large amount of watts corresponds to high efficiency.

In fact, the suction power is expressed in watts/air, mm/H2O or kpa. a good vacuum cleaner You must have one Suction power between 250 and 400 watts / airbetween 1300 and 2200 mm/H2O or between 13 and 22 kPa.

4. Vacuum cleaner without bags or packed

Choosing a vacuum cleaner: 10 important rules, cost and benefits

In addition to the power of the vacuum cleaner, check out eligibility Described in liters and indicated next to Dirt collection system. It can be with or without a bag.

This feature is important because it allows you to calculate how often the container is emptied or how much a special bag has to be changed, depending on the dirt collected.

It can also be useful for counting how often to do this Complete maintenance and cleaning of accessories, filters and internal parts of the device.

5. Accessories

Choosing a vacuum cleaner: 10 important rules, cost and benefits

The range of accessories such as the available nozzles and brush determines a greater impact on the operability of the vacuum cleaner.

If you have parquet floors in the house for example, it would be helpful to have suitable brushes so as not to scratch the wood, as well Plate cleaning accessory or angles carpet cleaner, Hair collecting brush and attachment for cleaning sofas, mattresses and curtains.

Or even, as in the case of 2-in-1 devices, they can Absorbs solids and liquids Wash the floor with one device and with special accessories designed for this particular model.

6. Noise

Choosing a vacuum cleaner: 10 important rules, cost and benefits

Noise is always expressed in decibels, But it usually does not affect the functionality, but it does affect the comfort when using it.

The device is considered silent when it registers below 75 dBbut keep in mind that no model is completely silent.

Therefore, if you have neighbors or are in a condominium where silence reigns, it is best to clean the house within the permitted hours.

7. Filters

Choosing a vacuum cleaner: 10 important rules, cost and benefits

Don’t forget to also count on it Models equipped with a good filtration systemwhich ensures healthier and cleaner air in the home and is particularly suitable for particularly sensitive topics.

They also serve Keep the device efficient by preventing dirt from being recycled into the environment. The bag can be thought of as a filter but then there is the engine filter.

It is considered inlet filter Which serves to protect the engine from the dust that is absorbed. There is one at the outlet that prevents the powder from being re-entered into the circulation.

For a long life of the device, it is necessary Carry out careful maintenance of the machine and change the filters periodicallyWith respect to the instructions and recommendations of the manufacturer. Outlet filters are made of different materials, even water in the case of vacuum cleaner cans.

The most famous is HEPA filter o Class S: It consists of a fiberglass panel surrounded by a frame and capable of holding up to 99.9% of germs, mites and microorganisms, for air free of any allergens such as mites and pollen.

8. Soil type

Choosing a vacuum cleaner: 10 important rules, cost and benefits

The environment to be cleaned affects a lot, such as soil type. If you do not have pets, the surface to be cleaned is small and the vacuum cleaner is only for Eliminate dust, hair and crumbsthen a vacuum cleaner for you.

The situation is different if you deal with allergy sufferers, with pets (and relative fur shedding) or if you need special accessories deep clean.

In this case, a graduated vacuum cleaner is ideal for obtaining a good range and withstanding constant use.

9. Price

Choosing a vacuum cleaner: 10 important rules, cost and benefits

For some, this is perhaps the most important factor, but keep that in mind Expensive product is not always synonymous with quality.

It is perfectly fine to set a budget that you can stay within to buy a vacuum cleaner, comparing several similar models which, in your opinion, are suitable for your specific needs.

clearly, Functions and accessories affect the cost of the machine. To pull a vacuum cleaner, a product above i 150 EUR It can be considered quality, while for a vacuum cleaner with intermittent use, you can leave from 70 EUR rising.

10. Consent and safety

Choosing a vacuum cleaner: 10 important rules, cost and benefits

The last feature, but perhaps the most important, Check for signs that prove their safety. The CE mark It is affixed to the device only after obtaining a product conformity declaration from the competent authorities, while Brand IMQ It is an additional guarantee of conformity that certifies the observance of technical standards and safety standards, ensuring the reliability of the data declared by the manufacturer.

Choose a vacuum cleaner: a vacuum cleaner

Choosing a vacuum cleaner: 10 important rules, cost and benefits

there Vacuum Cleaner It’s a nimble, easy-to-use tool that fits well if you have a lot of furniture or hard-to-reach spaces. Then they Supplied with brushes and accessories suitable for various floors and curtains.

They are easy to store, they are not suitable for prolonged use and will have to be recharged often in this case. I wirelessSo Easy to carry or use on stairs and on several levels, With low power consumption. On the other hand, it needs to be emptied more often because the capacity is reduced.

Vacuum Cleaner Choice: Delayed Vacuum Cleaner

Choosing a vacuum cleaner: 10 important rules, cost and benefits

The drag broom consists of a Suction brush hose connects to the oval bowl with wheels, in order to drag her around the house. It must be plugged into the power socket, there are light models but the transfer on multiple levels is still difficult, also and above all because of the wire.

If you have a home with many typical obstructions (carpets, cables, toys, etc.), we recommend a model with large wheels. It is true that it is chaotic, but you will be able to bypass any obstacle better.

However, she is able to aspire Hair, animal hair and other kinds of dirt heavyExcellent suction power. Suitable for allergy sufferers.

Gallery of ideas and photos about choosing a vacuum cleaner

There are many models on the market, but for indoor cleaning of the house, the most popular are undoubtedly the vacuum cleaner and the vacuum cleaner for towing. Other models that are more expensive, but can do for you if you have special needs, are the cyclone vacuum cleaner, the water vacuum cleaner, the robotic vacuum cleaner, the steam vacuum cleaner, and the overhead vacuum cleaner for solids and liquids. In our gallery, you will be able to better see the different models to help you make the final decision.


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