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1 million and 260 thousand members, 740 companies

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Rome, 16 Dec. (askanews) – “Yesterday was a day of great depth, passion and focus. The success of the Confassociazioni was confirmed, which, from the International Conference in the morning to the Good Morning in the evening, offered intense discussions and proposals for 2023, growing in professional and human profile. The president of the Confassociazioni, Angelo Deiana, announced this in a note this morning.

“Through the international conference on ‘Energy Transition and Globalization’ – continuing TEANA – held yesterday morning in the new hall of the Parliamentary Committees, we turned our attention to the topic of the moment and the new concept of globalization that follows. The Canadian Ambassador of the Italian Republic Elisa, who celebrated the 75th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Italy and Canada Together with the entire Bureau, I thank all the speakers, starting with Kohlberg, Paolo Quattrocchi, President of the Italy-Canada Study Center, Barbara Di Dono, ICC Secretary General of the International Chamber of Commerce of Italy, Armando Melone, President of the Political Committee of the EU Commission Representation in Italy, Gianni Lattanzio, President of Confassociazioni International, Alberto Cirio, President of Piedmont Region, Paolo Righi, Confassociazioni Real Estate President, Mark Kirby, Senior Advisor Canadian Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association, Mauro Mallone, DG Energy Promotion a Director General and SE of the Ministry, SE. Head of Energy Transition Funds in Milan, Mirova – Natixis IM, Carlo Zorzoli, Head of Business Development at Enel Green Power, Francesco Lebre, Head of Energy Management and Business Unit Duferco Energia, Elena Lorenzini, Deputy Head of the Cabinet of the Ministry of Enterprise and Made in Italy, Roberto Menotti , Director Aspenia Online, Oscar de Montigni, Top Manager and Mega Trends Expert”.

At the end of the conference, the National Assembly of the Confassociazioni was held in the Palazzo Ferrajoli and the entire presidential office, made up of the outgoing president Angelo Teiana and Riccardo Alemanno, vice-president Franco Pagani, was unanimously reaffirmed. , and Federica de Pasquale, National Vice President with responsibility for Equal Opportunities.

A moment of celebration for the extraordinary success of the Confassociazioni – reads a note – which represents confederations, associations, businesses, professionals and subjects of the third sector in Italy and Europe. Founded in July 2013, it now unites 740 organizations that bring together 1 million and 260 thousand members, including professionals, managers and companies. An economic system that collectively generates 9% of the country’s GDP, and 21% if related enterprises are considered.

In the presence of the Vice-President of the Senate, Gian Marco Centinaio and Senator Bergezio, the Assembly continued to present the main findings of the Confassociazione during a press conference held in the Sala Katuti of Naziria in the Senate of the Republic. “Our #network network – Diana underlined – is expanding with the birth of Confassociazione Privacy and Cyber ​​Security, President Marco Recchi, Francesco Rambone Vice President Cyber ​​Security Responsibility, Gianluca D’Acenzo Vice President Consumer Responsibility. , Alessandro Frillici General Secretary of the branch.

Also the creation of Confassociazioni Energia e Sostenibilità, which will see Antonio Di Tata as President, Pietro Maria Putti Vice-President responsible for nuclear energy, Luisa Melara Vice-President responsible for the Legal Area, Andrea Quasi Vice-President Hydrogen, Leonardo. Iacovelli Vice-President responsible for relations, Pascal Di Nardo General Secretary.

On top of all this is the new leadership of the National Condominium Organization under the solid and wise guidance of the National Vice President Federica De Pasquale, Presidency of Confassociazioni Cultura educazione University. to Robert Pope”.

“On the other hand, we in the Confassociazioni – said President Diana – know very well that it is time to go to the facts and define some concrete points. A difficult task, because we live in an unpredictable, unexpected, uncertain world of financial crises, epidemics, wars. But the real of this millennium Not particularly impossible for those who have used powerful skills. For this reason, the real organizational innovation is the birth of skilled Italy through the Confassociazioni, a new platform to find a network of people who find a strong motivation to be a “partner” in “us” and “expertise. Country”.

“It is said that a good beginning is half finished. For us, Angelo Teiana, President of the Confassociazioni, ended – the presence of a truly extraordinary partner of important government and corporate offices, leaders and representatives of important social facts, professionals and entrepreneurs and many friends. Our Christmas greetings at the wonderful place of Palazzo Ferrajoli The Federation is at our gala cocktail. In 2023 the big family of the Confassociazione left behind a deep emotion that brings with it more stimuli, strength and inspiration to be again and always a network of #partners of the country”.

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