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there Scientix 2024 STEM Discovery Campaign (SDC) It is an international initiative that invites you to celebrate careers and studies in the fields of… Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).

In collaboration with the Life Terra project, this campaign includes Teachers, organizations, libraries, schools and universities And Associations in Europe And beyond.

During the campaign, even active April 30, 2024you will have the opportunity to raise awareness of your STEM activities using the STEM Discovery Campaign Map, a way to share your commitment and enthusiasm for promoting STEM.Scientific education.

This year, the campaign also includes the new Scientix Awards, dedicated to celebrating the successes of teachers who encourage innovation and excellence in science teaching.

Don't waste time, join the STEM Discovery Campaign and find out more by visiting the following links:

STEM Discovery Campaign website >>

Scientex Awards >>

Scientix TV episode on DSC 2024 >>

DSC2024 introductory video >>

Updated application >>

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